SWCVI: Star Wars Sound Panel

Ben Burtt, Matthew Wood and I hosted a panel at Celebration CVI over the weekend on Star Wars sound. A part of our presentation involved the breakdown of a scene from The Clone Wars (“Massacre”, season 4). I stripped out the sound effects and dialog from the scene leaving it rather bare bones. We invited volunteers from the audience to come up to the stage and perform the sound effects and dialog for us in order to rebuild the scene. One person performed lasers sounds (pew! pew!), another young man performed lightsaber swishes (WOOOW!), and two others performed explosions (kaBOOM!). The lasers were layered in as background battle and the swishes and explosions served as Ventress’ attack on the Super Battledroids. Three more volunteers perfumed the dialog in the scene (two Battle Droids and General Grievous).

The first video demonstrates the original mix from The Clone Wars, as it aired on TV. The second video is just the sound fx and dialog from our volunteers, cut to sync with the picture. The third video adds in the music and Foley (footsteps and little movements) along with a now processed version of the actors sound effects and dialog performances.

Of course, we don’t normally use vocalized sound effects for the show. But as Ben Burtt pointed out, the human voice is one of the best sound tools we have for expressive range.

Bravo to all of our participants! Well done!