Star Wars: The Clone Wars “Bad Batch” 4-Episode Arc Coming to Star Wars Celebration

See the return of Echo in previously unreleased installments of Star Wars: The Clone Wars!

In a special March 2014 blog post celebrating the Netflix release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Lost Missions, series supervising director Dave Filoni thanked fans for their continued support, and shared his own sketches and concept art. He ended his post with one teaser image and note, addressing one of the show’s unanswered questions: “Yes, Echo is alive.” Finally, fans of the clone trooper will find out how and why. is thrilled to announce that a previously unreleased four-episode story reel, “Bad Batch,” telling the story of how Captain Rex and company rescued Echo, will screen exclusively at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim. The unfinished episodes (similar to the Utapau arc that appeared on feature complete, final voice performances, specifically by Dee Bradley Baker, who voices the elite clones of “Bad Batch” group.

The screening will take place at the Digital Stage on Friday, April 17, at noon. A Q&A with Filoni, Baker, and writers Brent Friedman and Matt Michnovetz will follow. So mark your calendars, and prepare to welcome back one of the clone army’s greatest warriors! All Star Wars, all the time.

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