Star Wars Rebels Official Magazine Set to Debut in October

Get the latest intel on the adventures of the Ghost crew delivered right to your mailbox.

The HoloNet is no longer the only information source for and about the Ghost crew.

Titan Magazines announced today the launch of the all-new Star Wars Rebels Magazine, a 52-page, full-color magazine that officially ties in with the critically acclaimed animated series. Each issue features an original Star Wars Rebels comic, and there will also be character features, episode guides, news, puzzles, games, activities, posters…everything supporters of the rebellion would love!

The first issue is set to hit shelves on October 20 — perfect for Star Wars fans that are gearing up for the second season of Star Wars Rebels.

You don’t need to be a Jedi to foresee the future. Enjoy this special preview below! All Star Wars, all the time.