SDCC 2014: Star Wars Pavilion First Look

Tuesday night, July 22nd
Location: Lucasfilm Pavilion, #2913
San Diego Comic-Con International

It’s Tuesday night in San Diego, and the creatures in the Lucasfilm pavilion are definitely stirring. I have been here since Sunday morning, and while Sunday and Monday are solid, steady work days, Tuesday is when the real fun begins. Our space looks more like an experience and a little less like a mountain of crates. The licensees arrive and start unpacking their cool stuff and their new stuff. It’s a big day that’s the bellwether of what’s to come.

“Preview” night is Wednesday, but we’re not fooled by the name. Preview night is really a full con day. Sure it starts officially at 5:00 pm, but I believe we need to be set and wrapped in the morning, and ready to face the onslaught…I mean excitement!…that is Comic-Con International.


A new star in the Star Wars pavilion, Garazeb Orrelios (Zeb from Star Wars Rebels) surveys his new domain.


As a fan of major explosions, I’m pleased we have one in the pavilion. And speaking of loud, we’ve already been asked to turn down the sound on the video wall. I apologize to the neighbors, but I fear it’s not a sincere apology. I love it when the subwoofers make my sternum vibrate.


New kid in the Star Wars Comic-Con pavilion, Bioworld has a most impressive line-up of heads…er…hats.


The Road to Celebration Anaheim starts in our pavilion Wednesday with the new Luke Skywalker pin. Buy a ticket to Celebration Anaheim (April 16-19, 2015) and get a pin!


Kanan checks out the accuracy of his own image in the Lucasfilm Comic-Con Pavilion.


It’s Star Wars Headphone Central with Turtle Beach and SMS Audio right next door to each other.


Gee, I wonder what will go in the big orange space, situated immediately across the aisle from our pavilion in the Mattel pavilion?


Back inside the Star Wars pavilion, the EFX crew gets by with a little help from their friends. Sometimes booth assembly is a team sport!


Beware the surprises in the Hallmark booth!


Another new kid on our block, but it’s certainly not their first con! Fantasy Flight Games has the coolest game board ever hidden just behind that graphic that’s waiting to be hung.


Calm before the storm of queues. The Hallmark crew members, popular veterans in the Lucasfilm pavilion, enjoy an evening of peaceful hard work before the rush of high-energy Star Wars ornament collectors.


I very much want to see what’s behind that fantastic plastic in the Santa Cruz booth in our pavilion.


The fabulous Ecksteins (David and Ashley) and the Her Universe crew start the prep to present Ashley’s great fangirl fashions for Comic-Con.

Please hurry. I’m ready to shop!

That’s all for now.

See you tomorrow at San Diego Comic-Con!