Hang On to Your Helmet — The Holidays Are Over!


For roughly the past month it’s been the same:

  • “We can rethink that floorplan after the holidays.”
  • “I can have the answers you need after the holidays.”
  • “We’ll send those links after the holidays.”
  • “After the holidays we’ll be ready to revisit this.”
  • “The document will be completed for you after the holidays.”
  • Etc. etc. etc. “after the holidays.”

Honestly, it’s a good tradition that people in the world disconnect and focus on something other than work for a few weeks each winter. Family, friends, travel, avoiding cliffs, a few good books and movies — whatever it is that refuels us, it’s probably healthy for humankind.

Now, however, with people back to work, the long sprint to the summer convention season — especially to Star Wars Celebration Europe — will start with a bang. Tickets for Celebration Europe are poised to go on sale very soon (see www.starwarscelebration.eu) and with that everything else takes off too.

I anticipate that the answers we’ve been waiting for will flood in over the next week, and we’ll pick up the baton and take off at a run. With Celebration Europe ticket sales will come registration for media and for the costume contest. There will be cool souvenirs to buy. Guest announcements will start, and programming announcements will come right on their heels. VIP registration, Celebration hotels, special event announcements — it’s all coming right up, now that we are through New Year’s Day.

swg13_(11-26-12).aiA taste of the Celebration Europe floorplan. Ha!

An early deadline that is upon us: January 31 (California time) is the last day for fan clubs and organizations to submit their programming ideas and fan table applications. Celebrations are the wonderful events they are in large part because of fan participation and creativity. It’s possible to be directly involved in the show; you just need to apply and see if your proposal or application is accepted. Fan Club table application information is here (http://www.starwarscelebration.eu/Europe/Fan-Club-Tables/), and Fan Programming information is here (http://www.starwarscelebration.eu/Europe/Fan-Programming/). If you have a good idea, an involved club, and want to share with fellow Star Wars fans, get your information in before the end of the month. Do not fret about language barriers. There will be fans from all over the world at Celebration Europe, and fans speaking many languages could find audiences for their programming ideas.

My event team is making the most of this time before the sprint, as well. Among many other things, Kristen is deep into the Celebration Art Show and into merchandise planning, and Este is researching audio/visual equipment and previewing long stretches of video footage and many photograph files.

We’re on it! Hold on…more to come…very soon!

Did I mention in my last blog that it would be cold and dark and icy in Hoth Cordova, Alaska? I took this picture at 11:45 a.m. on December 26.

Did I mention in my last blog that it would be cold and dark and icy in Hoth Cordova, Alaska? I took this picture at 11:45 a.m. on December 26.