EA Previews the Battle of Jakku in Star Wars Battlefront!

Rebels and Imperials collide in an epic desert showdown.

The marooned Star Destroyer half buried in sand was one of the most extraordinary images from the latest Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser. Until then, the vessel had only been seen gliding above planets, a razor sharp juggernaut that specialized in overpowering inferior ships.

Now, Electronic Arts is providing a first look at the battle which took place after one crashed-landed on a desert planet following the Rebels’ victory at Endor. The Battle of Jakku will be one of several locations featured in Star Wars Battlefront, and the images below show that the conflict which once engulfed the galaxy remains alive and well. From the smoldering wreckage of the fallen giant to the X-wing being used as cover during a firefight between Rebel and Imperial troops, things haven’t really calmed down after Return of the Jedi.

Star Wars gamers won’t be disappointed.


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