DIY Winter Star Wars Sun Jars

DIY SW Sun Jars Glowing

Still on the hunt for the perfect holiday gift? If you’re on a budget and like getting crafty, look no further! A wintry Star Wars sun jar is a festive and fun project that makes a wonderful gift for loved ones. The jar stores sunlight during the day and then glows in the dark, adding some brightness to these long winter nights. (Kids, please get your parents to help you with this!)

All you need is:

  • Mason jar with hinged lid
  • Glass frosting aerosol spray
  • Solar powered LED garden light*
  • Hot glue
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

DIY SW Sun Jar - Jar Supplies

*You will be dissembling the garden light, using only the light sensor, battery and LED light for your jar. When purchasing your garden light at a hardware store, be sure that you choose one that is easy to dissemble, and whose light sensor will fit in the jar’s lid.

First things first: you gotta frost up your jar. The frosted glass a) screams winter! and b) enhances the jar’s glow. You can frost either the inside or outside of the jar, but you may get a more even coverage by sticking to the outside.

Avoid spraying the jar’s lid. The glass needs to be crystal clear to maximize the light sensor’s efficiency.

DIY Sun Jar - Frost JarLet your jar dry, and get to work on dissembling your garden light. Remove as much of the light’s surrounding hardware as necessary to allow the sensor, light, battery, and wiring to fit inside the lid of the jar. This might require some brute strength and resourcefulness, but you can do it!

DIY SW Sun Jar - Dissembled Light2Note: For the sake of photography, I took the battery out of the light. The light will indeed need the battery to function.

All set? Awesome! Whip out your hot glue gun, and get that light fixed into the lid of the jar. Once glued, pat yourself on the back. You’ve got yourself a fully functioning sun jar!

DIY SW Sun Jar - Glue LIght to Lid

Fear not, fans — the party doesn’t end here. It’s time to Force-ify these jars!

With paper and scissors, cut out your favorite Star Wars shapes. I created this Darth Vader silhouette by printing out a screenshot and cutting around the figure’s edges. I also made Star Wars paper snowflakes to create a seasonal look.

DIY SW Sun Jar - Cut Out Paper Silhouettes

Stick glue is the best way to adhere paper to glass. Once satisfied with your silhouettes, rub on some glue, and affix them to the inside of your jar.

DIY SW Sun Jar - Glue Paper to Jar

Congratulations! COMPLETE, YOUR JAR IS! Enjoy your craftsmanship and test it out before stuffing it in a stocking. Once the sun goes down, your jar will glow bright around your Star Wars silhouettes.

May the Force be with you on this project!

Tessa Braun moonlights as a craftsman when she’s not hard at work at Industrial Light & Magic. She is a lover of poodles, googly eyes, and meatloaf, but does she ever combine the three? See her work at to find out!