DIY Princess Leia Cinna-Bun Headpiece: The Perfect May the 4th Headgear

Tessa Wearing Bun

This May the 4th, show off your buns! Get your Alderaan on and craft this stylish and delicious Princess Leia Cinna-Bun Headpiece. This project will let you display your Star Wars pride, and then eat it afterwards.

All you need is:

  • Break and bake cinnamon rolls with icing
  • Wax paper
  • Plastic headband

Step 1: Bake cinnamon rolls as instructed by packaging, until golden brown. Set aside two rolls per headpiece and refrain from glazing.

Bake BunsStep 2: Cut circles out of the wax paper with approximately the same circumference as the baked cinnamon rolls. You will need one wax paper circle per bun.

Cut Wax Paper

Step 3: Carefully apply a thin coat of icing to one side of the circle, ensuring the back side of the wax paper stays clean.

Spread Icing on Wax Paper

Step 4: Stick the glazed wax paper to the underside of a cinnamon roll. This part of the roll will end up against your ear, and the wax paper will keep your pastry sanitary and your hair clean.

Wax Paper Bun

Step 5: Insert the headband’s ends into the sides of two cinnamon rolls. The exposed pastry roll should be facing outward.

Insert Headband 2

Step 6: Put it on! While these buns can be rocked anywhere, wouldn’t it be fun to have your dinner party guests wear their dessert while sporting this look?

Tessa Wearing Bun

Step 7: Eat the pastries. Peel off the protective wax paper, reheat the pastries, glaze ’em, and eat up.
May the 4th be with you this Saturday! Leave us a comment and let us know how you plan to celebrate.

Tessa Braun moonlights as a craftsman when she’s not hard at work at Industrial Light & Magic. She is a lover of poodles, googly eyes, and meatloaf, but does she ever combine the three? See her work at to find out!