Celebration Europe: A True Force of Fans

Celebration_Europe_Final_LogoI’ve been back in the States from my Namibia trip barely one week, and tomorrow morning I’m taking off to work at Brand Licensing Europe in London. I’ll be in London for the week, then will travel on to Essen, Germany for Celebration Europe meetings, then finally take a too-quick trip to Belgium and the fabled fan-built Star Wars prop warehouse.

This means several things. One is that when I post my next blog on October 30th, I’ll have pictures from the Messe Essen (Essen Convention Center), and some very taunting good teases for this blog.

What’s even more important is that the inspiring groups of fans I’ll meet with will have ideas, enthusiasm, and wisdom to share, kicking off the vital fan contribution to Star Wars Celebration Europe 2013.

It also means I might get a good beer, or bier as the case might be.


A key group of fans, many of whom were involved with Celebration Europe in London in 2007, are getting together while I’m there. We’ll discuss what’s coming in Germany, hear their ideas for what they would like to do, and brainstorm lots of possibilities. And I hope to drink some good English beer.

It sounds like a big group from the UK will head to Germany next July, and that’s really exciting. They will have an important contribution to the show.


A group of exceptional fan leaders in Germany and from across Europe have agreed to contribute their time and expertise as part of a Celebration Europe Core Fan Team. We’ll be working together between now and Celebration Europe next July, and I’ll get to meet with some of them while I’m in Germany the week of the 22nd. Between them I know they will offer excellent insights, advice, and enthusiasm. We have some trusted and experienced allies in this group. And I hope to drink some good German bier.

Albin Johnson, the founder of the 501st Legion, has also agreed to participate, lending his experience and wisdom. To everyone helping out, thank you so much. Your work helps make sure we remain always “By the Fans; For the Fans” in the best possible way.


Finally, I’ll be driving over to Belgium to meet with Stefan Cembolista and key members of his intrepid Belgium Props crew. I’m told their famed prop warehouse is like Mount Tantiss – I won’t be able to find it with my navigation system, so they’ll need to guide me into the system another way. We’ll talk about what they’ve got, what’s new, and other real-sized props in Europe. I’m very much looking forward to seeing where the Star Wars magic happens… and I hope to drink some good Belgian beer.