Bantha Tracks: Art Galaxy, May 2013


The creativity of Star Wars fans and Bantha Tracks readers apparently never goes on summer holiday. In addition to artwork with pencil and stylus, this month we’re featuring some of my favorite images from the May the 4th fan landmark gallery from across the globe. Some of the photographers definitely went the extra mile to create works of art, and I want to give those photos a little extra time and attention.

Please enjoy this month’s fantastic and whimsical artwork from our readers!

Want to get your masterpiece in Bantha Tracks? All ages and types of artists are welcome and encouraged to submit their art, whether drawings, paintings, woodwork, photographs, crafts, sculpture, or anything creative! Simply read and follow the submission guidelines at the end of this blog.

Artist Curt Mullins drew this piece to depict one of his favorite scenes in A New Hope. “The actual drawing is about 8” x 10” and took me approximately thirty hours to complete,” writes Mullins.

“Yoda in Meditation,” created in acrylic on canson board by Larry (Larz) Grenier, JR.

Artist Scott Zambelli created “Trench Run” in Photoshop with a Cintiq tablet. “It’s from the point of view of the TIE pilot who eventually gets blown up by Han Solo,” Zambelli writes.

“I’m a massive Star Wars fan from the original trilogy, and thought I’d show you my other passion too — my artwork!” says Matt Farrington. “My two favorite things combined.”

“I love my pencil and marker work, but really enjoy the finished look of this digital piece,” writes Eric Siebeneck. The artist reports that this piece, which he calls “Maulicious,” started as a quick pencil sketch that he then inked. The colors were done in Photoshop, and the background was part of a photograph that he adjusted digitally, then painted in Photoshop.

Featured next: artistic images from the May the 4th worldwide landmark photo celebration on You can see the entire gallery here.

An imposing force. Members of Outpost Peru of the 501st Legion, trooping in the Desert of Lurin near Lima. “Our own Tatooine,” says Marco Granadino, commanding officer of Outpost Peru.

Striking photograph at South Dakota’s Mt. Rushmore by Kim Lathe. Scout trooper is Matthew Jackson of the Central Garrison of the 501st Legion.

For Bantha Tracks, this would certainly be the favorite image! I can imagine the Tusken hunting for his Bantha, which just wandered off in the canyons. Image in Bloomington Petroglyph Park in southern Utah, submitted by Roger Taylor, executive officer of the Rogue Base of the Rebel Legion.

Out on the dry, Great Salt Lake sits Antelope Island. The shot of this snowtrooper evokes the rocky wastes of Hoth rather than the desert in Utah. Well done. Submitted by Shawn Gordon.

TIE pilot (Joe LaFortune) over the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Photo submitted by Dune Sea Garrison public relations officer, Keith Grigg.

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