Bantha Tracks: Art Galaxy — The Brazil Imperio Series By Adriano Ticiano

Brazilian Adriano Ticiano is not only a talented artist, he is a lifelong fan of the Star Wars universe. In his series of illustrations entitled Brazil Imperio, Ticiano portrays different regions of his country as he imagines they would appear under the Imperial rule of the Star Wars Empire in a galaxy far, far away.

Ticiano, who says he’s so happy to have his work in Bantha Tracks that he could “pull the ears off a gundark,” plans to show this article to his students at school, who, he says are “Star Wars fanatics.”

Vos Gassu - Bantha Tracks: Art Galaxy

Vos Gassu

Foz do Iguacu, which means “Iguazu river mouth,” is in the southern part of Brazil, and is known for the spectacular Iguacu waterfalls. Iguacu falls have three times the flow capacity of Niagara Falls, which gives some idea of their power to anyone who has visited the US waterfall.

The shape and power of Iguacu called Mustafar to Ticiano’s mind, where hot lava replaces thundering water.

Corusampa - Bantha Tracks: Art Galaxy


The streets of urban Sao Paulo stirred Ticiano to comparisons with Coruscant, the planet in the Star Wars universe covered almost entirely by cities and skyscrapers over a thousand stories high.

Elevador Tarkin - Bantha Tracks: Art Galaxy

Elevador Tarkin

The Elevador Lacerda in Salvador, Brazil, is billed as the first lift of the urban world. It opened in 1873, and was the highest lift anywhere at that time. Now the historic and iconic tower, still also a lift, provides spectacular views to the picturesque Bay of All Saints.

When it was first built, the city of Salvador existed on two levels, and the challenge was to connect the levels and commercial centers with quicker transport. Named for the founder and builder Antonio de Lacerda, the lift was the main means of transportation between the Upper and Lower Towns. In the initial structure, the passengers had to be individually weighed, and the total weight of the passengers being transported was summed up to the maximum safe limit.

Ticiano’s “Elevador Tarkin” is dark and formidable, a symbol of might more than unity and progress.

Bresallis - Bantha Tracks: Art Galaxy


Brasilia, a planned city that became the capitol of the country in the 1960s, features striking buildings designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, including the National Congress Building. In the real-world building that motivated Ticiano’s “Bresallis” piece, the Senate meets in one hemisphere, and the House of Deputies in the other. In the galaxy far, far away, depicted by Ticiano’s Imperial Brazil, both sides would be home to the puppets of Palpatine.

Haunting Minas Tooine - Bantha Tracks: Art Galaxy

Haunting Minas Tooine, which Ticiano says was inspired by the mines of Minas Gerais.


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