The Belgian Prop Builders Return to Star Wars Celebration – Preview!

AT-ATs, speeder bikes, and more will be coming to Anaheim!

Once again, a new Star Wars movie is approaching fast on the horizon — but approaching even faster is Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim! And once again, our Belgian Star Wars prop builder crew is preparing sets and props. We’re invading the US West Coast for the very first time, and we are more than excited to bring the experience of Star Wars to fans.

We’ll be bringing two 40-foot shipping containers…read on for a sneak peek of what’s inside!

AT-AT Imperial Walker

The AT-AT Imperial walker, which will be a nice visual beacon for the show visitors to pinpoint their position on the show floor, is a 20-feet-high monster. We hope it’ll make for a fun meeting point among friends, be they Rebel or Imperial.

Preparing the walker has been a challenge! Broken and worn-off parts had to be repaired, or exchanged — same like in the real world — and stability is required to maintain the safety of this huge set. The head and guns, probably the most fragile parts due to the ultra-lightweight construction, needed a fresh paint job, and attaching points required a checkup!

But the AT-AT will rise again! This time in the Anaheim convention center!

Rebel Medical Bay

To bring the medical bay, originally seen in The Empire Strikes Back, back into show shape, we cleaned up the set’s paint, dusted off the medical droids, and improved the looks of the Bacta tank. Yes, fans will be able to receive their own Bacta treatment…

New Chess Table

Our Falcon/Outrider set is now equipped with many special modifications:

  • A new chess table dubbed the Mark IV. Hand-sculpted and cast in fiberglass and resin, it’s a chess table fit for an angry Wookiee.
  • A light system to bring in more life to the game at the chess table!
  • The entire tunnel section also was refurbished to improve looks, stability, and setup!

Endor Sights

The speeder bike and the Imperial bunker entrance will be in Anaheim! Once again, fans can interact with both — just watch out for Ewoks.

Do we have something special planned for Anaheim? Well… more about that in my next report! And for those of you coming to Star Wars Celebration, we are glad to welcome you for an exciting photo experience in one of our sets! YOU are the reason why we build them…

See you at the show!