12 Things We Learned from the Latest Star Wars: The Last Jedi Comics

StarWars.com discovers more about the characters, creatures, and worlds of The Last Jedi from some great comics.

If you want to go deeper into Star Wars: The Last Jedi, here’s a place you can look: comics. To mark the release of the film on Digital, Movies Anywhere, 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and On-Demand last month, StarWars.com went through the latest comics related to the film — The Storms of CraitDJ: Most WantedForces of Destiny — Rose & Paige, and Star Wars Adventures #5 and #6 — to find some the most interesting connections and revelations.

In The Storms of Crait, an ally of the late Bail Organa has tipped Leia off about Crait, an abandoned mining world perfectly suited for the Alliance’s new home base. But SCAR Squadron, an elite stormtrooper unit that reports directly to Darth Vader — first introduced in Marvel’s flagship Star Wars title — shows up to thwart Leia’s survey expedition. DJ: Most Wanted, written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker (Star Wars: Join the Resistance), sheds new light on the two-faced codebreaker who calls himself “DJ.” And the heroic Tico sisters share the spotlight in IDW’s Rose & Paige, a story that takes place on D’Qar prior to The Force AwakensStar Wars Adventures #5 and #6 contain several short, all-ages stories, and they’re every bit as fun as you’d expect from writers like Delilah S. Dawson (Star Wars: Phasma), who tackles both the porgs and Rose Tico in her delightful new tales, “The Best Pet” and “Rose Knows.”

Here’s what we learned from these great stories — and don’t forget: Marvel’s adaptation of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, written by Gary Whitta, arrives in May!

1. Mon Mothma was skeptical of Crait.

While Leia saw Crait’s desolation as a selling point, Mon Mothma expressed her reservations: “There are reasons a planet is dead. Reasons that make it inhospitable to the living.” Still, Leia argued that its vast cave systems would serve as an ideal place to hide from the prying eyes of the Empire. And so Mon Mothma authorized Leia and her allies to conduct a planetside survey. (Source: The Storms of Crait)

2. Leia’s contact on the mineral planet was Trusk Berinato, an ex-miner.

Bail Organa was a man who saw the good in people — the “potential,” as Leia puts it. Trusk Berinato worked the mines on Crait years prior to the events of the comic, under the harshest conditions, and Bail fought for better safety measures and fairer wages. But, like Mon Mothma, Han doesn’t trust Berinato — perhaps with good reason. “I can’t believe you don’t see it,” Han tells Leia. “Just because he ma’ams you with a curtsey.” (Source: The Storms of Crait)

3. Vulptices aren’t the only native life-form on Crait.

Out on the salt flats, Luke and Wedge encounter the local fauna, but not the “crystal critters” we met in Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi. A briny ocean beneath the planet’s surface is home to scaly “dune worms” that resemble creatures Luke used to deal with back home on Tatooine. After telling Wedge to put away his blaster, Luke explains: “They don’t bother you if you don’t bother th—” But it’s too late: Han Solo’s already blasted both of the worms, much to Chewbacca’s dismay. Better safe than sorry? (Source: The Storms of Crait)

4. Porgs are very curious.

In “The Best Pet,” Emil Graf is doting on his pet, Noni (a Kowakian monkey-lizard), when Crater, their droid companion, suggests that there are many creatures far more adorable: the Loth-cat, the convor, the mooka, the Ewok — and, cutest of all, the porg. Crater explains that porgs can squeeze their tiny bodies into any space larger than their skulls and are curious to a fault. “Even wild porgs are unusually smitten with human objects,” he adds. (Source: Star Wars Adventures #5, “The Best Pet”)

5. A porg’ll eat just about anything!

“They love tasting new things,” Crater explains. And, turns out, they’ve got plenty of room of room in their stomachs. “They’re bottomless pits, really.” In a series of panels, a porg is shown chomping on someone’s (Rey’s?) toothbrush and then gulping toothpaste straight from the tube. It lets out a belch, wincing at the awful taste, and washes it all down with a glass of water. (Source: Star Wars Adventures #5, “The Best Pet”)

6. Rose Tico does her homework.

Rose’s insistence on staying up after her shift’s over to read up on the Raddus’ holo-manuals is what sets her apart from the rest of the mechanics settling in aboard the Resistance’s flagship. (Source: Star Wars Adventures #5, “Rose Knows”)

7. Rose and Poe knew each other prior to The Last Jedi.

When Poe asks Finn and Rose how they met in the med bay where General Organa is recovering during The Last Jedi, you get the sense that maybe Rose already knows Poe Dameron; indeed, Star Wars Adventures #6 depicts their first meeting. As with Finn, Rose is immediately starstruck by the famed hero of the battle at Starkiller Base. (Source: Star Wars Adventures #5, “Rose Knows”)

8. Before the Battle of Crait, before Canto Bight, Rose was already a hero.

There’s a great epigraph at the beginning of the original 1976 Star Wars novelization that quotes Senator Leia Organa: “They were in the wrong place in the wrong time. Naturally they became heroes.” In “Rose Knows,” Rose’s love of reading makes her an unlikely hero when Poe Dameron and his squadron fall under attack by First Order TIE fighters; she becomes his only hope. If you love Rose and Paige Tico as much as I do, you definitely don’t want to miss this one. (Source: Star Wars Adventures #5, “Rose Knows”)

9. Rose may know high tech, but she’s got an old-school sensibility.

When General Organa launches an initiative to gather resources on D’Qar, she says that fuel is “precious,” so the Resistance won’t be able to use speeders. Rose, a shy tinkerer with knowledge beyond her years, reluctantly suggests that they build primitive “wheeled vehicles” — electric trikes — for efficient transportation of resources. Her boss, Lazslo, mocks the idea, but Leia tells Rose to go for it. “Let’s see what you can do with that junk heap,” she says. (Source: Forces of Destiny — Rose & Paige)

10. General Organa gives Rose some wonderful advice.

When the first truck she builds doesn’t start properly, Rose gets discouraged, but the general offers her a piece of hard-won wisdom: “People who taste victory have failed more than anyone else. So keep failing until you find what works. Keep trying.” (Here, Dawson’s script reads like something Carrie Fisher herself might have written; these are words to live by in any galaxy.) (Source: Forces of Destiny — Rose & Paige)

11. DJ’s a gambler — and a cheat.

A scoundrel who doesn’t live by the rules, DJ spends his days playing holo-cards in the casinos of Canto Bight; the dealers love him. But because he doesn’t believe in the duality of right and wrong, light and dark, DJ is comfortable using his skills as a slicer to game the system and rig the cards in his favor. (Source: DJ: Most Wanted)

12. The denizens of Cantonica bet on more than just games and fathier races.

Decades after Anakin Skywalker beat Sebulba in the Boonta Eve Classic, the dangerous sport of podracing still has a large following. At least one popular racer, Groff Fordly, can be found spending his credits in the casinos of Canto Bight. And, as it turns out, DJ is a fan. “I bet on you sometimes,” DJ tells him. “You ain’t let me down yet.” The galaxy’s a big place, filled with surprises, but thankfully some things never change. (Source: DJ: Most Wanted)

The Storms of Crait and DJ: Most Wanted are available now from Marvel, wherever comics are sold. IDW’s Forces of Destiny — Rose & Paige is a standalone one-shot that expands on the Star Wars Adventures anthology series, which is ongoing.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is available now on Digital, Movies Anywhere, 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and On-Demand.

Alex Kane is a journalist based in west-central Illinois. He has written for Polygon, the website of Rolling Stone, Syfy Wire, and other publications. Follow him on Twitter at @alexjkane.

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