SWCE 2013: Opening Day Highlights

What a great — but already very busy — day at Star Wars Celebration Europe in Essen. Let’s bring you up to date with a quick review of some of the great panels and events that took place!

Attack of the Clones 3D
David Collins introduced the movie as the world premiere of Episode II in 3D. This might indeed be a unique chance to see a second Star Wars movie in 3D. It’s true that you may miss a couple of hours of Celebration Europe, but then again you may never get to see Attack of the Clones again in 3D. The movie wasn’t shown in a proper theatre, so you did feel a but unlucky when a Wookiee or a Talz sat in the seat in front of you, but the sound of the movie was excellent. The 3D-format was perfect for Attack of the Clones. Some of the more common scenes really got more exciting because of the 3D effects, like where Anakin and Obi-Wan use the turbolift to venture to Padmé’s loft. The Kamino cloning facilities, the Coruscant chase and the Battle of Geonosis are but a few examples where you can truly enjoy the effects of 3D. The 3D spectacles are a nice souvenir from this wonderful movie experience.

Secrets of Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Supervising Director Dave Filoni joined host Pablo Hidalgo to talk about the beloved animated series. Filoni mentioned some of the missing story arcs of Season Six. The best news was that there still might be a possibility that the missing episodes will be shown on television as Season Six (somewhere, somehow). So let’s really hope this will happen! The Blu-ray and DVD box of Season Five was confirmed for a release on October 15.

Dave Filoni also spoke about an interesting cancelled Padmé-idea, where she goes on an adventure outside of her political arena. But Mr. Lucas thought it was better if she really concentrated her efforts on politics and he also wondered if she could really go on such an hazardous adventure since she was pregnant by the end of the Clone Wars. Another idea that didn’t make it, was an episode where armor for Duchess Satine Kryze was developed, something completely against the morals of the peaceful New Mandalorians. But because of certain events in Season Five, we all know that it isn’t going to happen anymore. Mr. Filoni also confirmed bonus arcs with Plo Koon (and Sifo-Dyas), one with Yoda and also one taking place on Kashyyyk.

The Art of Iain McCaig
This was a workshop for attendants who also liked a bit of interaction during the show. Iain told the audience about his historical designs of Darth Maul and Queen Amidala and also about the three steps he usually takes to create new designs for characters. He also explained that George Lucas often gave characters from the prequels names that were derived from the crewmembers of the production of the movie.

Tim Veekhoven (Sompeetalay) is president, editor-in-chief and cofounder of TeeKay-421, the Belgian Star Wars Fanclub. He’s an administrator for Yodapedia and has written four (former) Databank entries on the Official Star Wars website, thanks to “What’s the Story”.


Thanks to TeeKay-421 members Stijn Creten, Thomas Verschoren, Mathias Van Meerhaeghe, Kevin Beentjes, Stefan Pfister, An Van de Poel, Steven Jaspers and Sander de Lange.