Star Wars Fuel Your Force Gear Guide 2019

Concentrate. Feel the Force flow within you when you gear up to live your best life in the new year.

There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it?

Each new year, we’re reminded that it’s the perfect time to restart healthy routines and refocus our energy to find a balance. And this year in particular, Star Wars Fuel Your Force is committed to helping fans harness the power of their inner Force through an active and healthy lifestyle inspired by the themes, stories, and characters from the Star Wars saga.

To help unlock your full potential, we’re rounding up some of our favorite equipment, tech, apparel, and accessories for wherever the journey takes you!

Fifth Sun

Feel the Force flow within you and celebrate characters who exhibit strength and a keen understanding of the power of training with shirts emblazoned with your favorite heroes and villains plus inspiring phrases like “The Force is strong with this one.”

Terez leggings


Rebel against boring black (sorry, Kylo) by pulling on these Terez leggings — with patterns, illustrations, and even a crystal stormtrooper helmet — before you head out to exercise.

A woman using a Han Solo yoga mat.Three kettlebells.


Enjoy a yoga session as peaceful as perfect carbonite-encased hibernation on a Han Solo mat and collect a bounty of Star Wars-themed kettlebells with weights inspired by some of the most recognizable helmets in the galaxy.

A Garmin watch.


Help inspire kids to get moving with colorful fitness trackers that include a fun BB-8 adventure game.

Stance socks.


Whatever your exercise of choice, a pair of comfortable socks are essential to keep you going on any terrain.

A Bioworld backpack.


Pack your gym essentials in a backpack that proudly shows your dedication to whatever Star Wars side or character you choose.

A black Darth Vader baseball cap.

New Era

For those who find a baseball cap to be as essential to any outfit as Darth Vader’s helmet and mask is to the Sith Lord, a hat that honors both.


You must choose your path, but not your allegiance. At a glance, everyone will know both your favorite professional sports team and your Star Wars fandom.

A Performa meal prep bag.


Build your own refueling station with these protein shakers, meal prep bags, and vitamin containers.

A Tervis water bottle.


Hydrating is the best way to keep you feeling fully operational.

FGX Sunglasses

FGX Sunglasses

Sun in your eyes? Try these shades instead of going out with your blast shield down.

Hypnotic hats No-Show Socks

Hypnotic Hats No-Show Socks

Show the younglings in your life that they’re stronger than they know with a subtle nod to their favorite heroes and villains tucked into their shoes.

A FanWraps arm band.


No more fiddling with your phone mid-run. Whether you’re rebel scum or a loyal subject of the Empire, the Imperial insignia on this arm band will allow you to move along without raising any suspicions.


Protect your phone without sacrificing style with a rugged Otterbox case in a variety of Star Wars-themed designs. All Star Wars, all the time.