Force-Powered Mail: Star Wars Stamps Coming to the UK

Send Star Wars messages, no hologram required.

As Master Yoda famously said, the Force is all around us. The rock. The tree. And now, the mailbox.

The UK’s national post service company, Royal Mail, is giving Star Wars the first class treatment with 18 new stamps set to be released on October 20. Fans can pre-order the stamps and view the product range at

The stamps, illustrated by British artist Malcolm Tween, will depict nine characters from the first six films and three from the forthcoming episode, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Each portrait is like a Jedi’s vision — showing the future, the past, new things, and different places from the legendary saga.

There will also be a Miniature Sheet of six stamps featuring intricately detailed illustrations of iconic Star Wars vehicles, brought together against a backdrop of the dreaded Death Star.

Every trip to the post office can now feel like a journey to Mos Eisley! All Star Wars, all the time.