5 Awesome Star Wars Creations Made in Minecraft

Check out some truly imaginative fan-made creations from the hit game!

Minecraft is an undeniable force in the gaming world that you can’t go more than a few minutes without seeing, reading about, or discussing with someone who loves games. I’ve played the heck out of it (I even reviewed it for IGN in a past life), and in all likelihood, if you play games, you have, too.

One of the things that makes Minecraft so great — that makes it worth talking about years after it was released — is that there’s no end to how creative its users can be. Just like LEGO, Minecraft empowers everyone to set their imaginations free. To that end I’d like to celebrate some really cool user creations I’ve found on my journeys through the Internet. They make my attempts at creating a wampa look, well, a bit sad.

1. An Incredible Trailer for a Remake of Star Wars: A New Hope

This trailer recaptures some of the magic of seeing the Star Wars films, which isn’t surprising considering it reproduces several of the original film’s shots. Watch it and see how many things you recognize. Me? I spy an incredible recreation of the Tantive IV, as well as a pretty great take on Mos Eisley. YouTube user Paradise Decay absolutely killed it with this.

2. A Fierce Slave I

I think it’s one of the oddest and most iconic vessels ever seen in a Star Wars film, but one thing’s for sure: Boba Fett’s Slave I looks great in YouTube user Lord Dakr’s blocky rendition. While it may not be the proper scale, and may not feature the same level of detail as some other user’s creations I’ve seen, the thing I love about this user’s videos is that they take the time to show you how to make it. Lord Dark’s tutorials cover more than Slave I, too. So if you’re interested in learning how to make, say, various vessels from the prequel films, just check out their other great videos.

3. An Immaculate Naboo Royal Palace

YouTube user v1sper crafted an incredible recreation of the Theed Royal Palace seen in The Phantom Menace. At the point where the video was recorded it was only the palace, but its still a huge amount of work, and rabid fans like me will recognize key rooms from the films, including the Queen’s chambers.

4. A Truly Menacing Star Destroyer

Sure, it doesn’t fly, but YouTube user Fishyyy has created one of the most impressive things I’ve seen in Minecraft ever — Star Wars or otherwise. This massive warship is almost to scale, and includes a reactor, the ship’s side trenches, the infamous underside hangar bay, as well as a pretty faithful recreation of the bridge. About the only thing more impressive would be a recreation of Darth Vader’s flagship, the Super Star Destroyer Executor.

5. A Great World Dedicated to Star Wars

This map, created in the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft by a team of players, gets a fun tour thanks to YouTube user stampylonghead. Stampy and friends have done a multi-part video series where they tour the entire world, which includes a Star Destroyer, a Sandcrawler, several iconic Star Wars fighters, and more.

Of course the number of fantastic creations done in Minecraft far exceeds what I’ve showcased here. Have some favorites of your own? Share them with us in the comments below — we always love seeing what fans create. Oh, and if you have an Xbox console version of Minecraft and want to make even more official-looking creations, then you should pick up the newest set of Star Wars skins. At this point you can make deck yourself out to look like any number of characters from the films, as well as your favorite heroes from Star Wars Rebels. Go forth, young Padawans and create, share, and keep up the passion for the greatest sci-fi film franchise of all time.

Anthony Gallegos is a freelance writer who loves Star Wars and video games. He’s written for publications like IGN, GameSpy, 1UP, EGM, and Games for Windows: The Official Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter at @chufmoney.