5 Reasons to Take to the Skies with Star Wars Resistance Racer

Soar over the Castilon oceans in this fast and fun new mobile game, available on the DisneyNOW app.

There’s no shortage of fun Star Wars experiences to be had on your trusty mobile device, and we have a new favorite: Star Wars Resistance Racer. Developed in collaboration with NeoPangea, the very first video game centering on Disney Channel’s Star Wars Resistance is an inviting but challenging title that can be enjoyed for a few short minutes or for hours at a time. Whether you’re in love with Lucasfilm Animation’s great new show, fancy yourself an ace star pilot, or just like cool games, this is a fantastic little racer you’ll want to try out for yourself. Here’s why.

The Fireball on the title screen of Star Wars Resistance Racer

1. It really feels like Star Wars Resistance.

The game features the same gorgeous character art and vibrant color palette you know from the series; it uses authentic voice-over lines from the show’s amazing cast; and it samples music straight from composer Michael Tavera’s original soundtrack. From the signature cel-shaded look to the various Aces’ unique starfighter designs, this is the Colossus, all right.

A ship soars over Castilon oceans in Star Wars Resistance Racer

2. Anybody can pick this one up and have fun with it.

One fingertip is all it takes to accelerate and steer the Fireball. Simply collect blue shield power-ups, hit green speed boosts, and maneuver your way through the ringed checkpoints to claim victory. But be sure to watch where you’re going — obstacles will slow you way down or even destroy the Fireball.

The Fireball in Star Wars Resistance Racer

3. Resistance Racer plays like the classics, but not the ones you’d expect.

Glancing at screenshots, you might think the game looks like a clever reimagining of the arcade-style podracing titles — Episode I: Racer and Racer Revenge. However, this one’s actually got more in common with the swoop-racing minigame first seen in 2003’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, where players would run dangerous time trials on a number of planet-specific tracks. Resistance Racer adds one big twist: this time you’re also drag racing against a fast opponent.

Kaz and Tam in Star Wars Resistance Racer

4. A host of your favorite characters are here!

Play as either Kaz Xiono or Tam Ryvora; listen to colorful commentary from fan favorites Neeku and Yeager; and go head-to-head with familiar Aces like Torra Doza, Bo Keevil, Hype Fazon, Griff Halloran, and Freya Fenris.

5. Resistance Racer has plenty of reasons for you to keep playing.

Customize the Fireball with a fresh coat of paint every now and then, and unlock different wings and engine upgrades as you rack up more and more trophies. Soar to victory in four different themed tournaments — the Platform Classic Cup, Castilon Run Cup, Triple Dark Storm Cup, and Colossus Master Cup — to unlock a special final challenge (and Poe Dameron’s white-and-blue T-70 X-wing). Each competition is a little tougher than the last, and the track’s never quite the same from one race to the next.

Star Wars Resistance Racer is available on the DisneyNOW app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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