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  • petroglyph

    Bantha Tracks: Art Galaxy, May 2013

    The creativity of Star Wars fans and Bantha Tracks readers apparently never goes on summer holiday. In addition to artwork with pencil and stylus, this month we’re featuring some of my favorite images from the May the 4th fan landmark gallery from across the globe. Some of the photographers definitely went the extra mile to […]

  • Pringles’ “The Force For Fun” Contest: Darth Visits

    If you ever walk into my studio you will notice three things: triple monitors, movie posters, and lots of film gear. Working mostly as a cinematographer, my expertise also includes writing, producing, directing, editing, and special effects. It keeps my current days here in the Hoosier State of Indiana pretty busy. In my free time […]

  • picture-1

    A Star Wars Adventure South of the Equator

    Beyond blood ties, families are built around traditions. In my family, it’s tradition to embark on grand adventures together once a year. From driving into the midst of migrating herds in the Serengeti to wandering in the ancient ruins of Ephesus and Pompeii, we’ve created a treasure trove of memories shared through the generations. So […]

  • GGG_Bridge_SM

    Let’s Hear It for the Home Team

    When my colleague Matt Martin asked if I would reach out to fans all over the world and ask them to submit pictures with their local landmarks as part of our May the 4th festivities, I knew the results would be good. But I had no idea just how good!

  • Gearing Up for May the 4th, and with Good Reason

    What are we to make of this? A pun initially used to celebrate the election of the first female prime minister of the United Kingdom becomes a meme long before the Internet is born and then morphs into the first worldwide holiday for a movie! If you think I’m exaggerating, do your own Google search […]

  • dsc08213

    Trooping for the Troops

    For members of the 501st and Rebel Legions, membership means celebrating Star Wars and contributing to local community and charitable causes. Virtually every week somewhere in the world, an event featuring members dressed as characters from the Galactic Empire or the Old Republic or the Rebel Alliance may be found helping out their neighbors and bringing […]

  • fool

    May the 4th Be With You: A Star Wars Pun Primer

    Star Wars Blog contributor Eric Geller loves May 4th because of Star Wars, sure, but also because he’s a pun enthusiast. As we gear up for May The Fourth Be With You, Geller is getting in the spirit by sharing a collection of his handcrafted Star Wars wordplay.

  • Bantha Tracks Art Galaxy, April 2013

    Bantha Tracks, the newsletter that has been “By the Fans; For the Fans” since it was reintroduced almost eleven years ago in 2002, receives contributions of Star Wars art from fans of all ages. We wanted to share submissions here as well as in Star Wars Insider magazine, where Bantha Tracks is a regular feature. […]

  • Make-A-Wish Rebel: Portrait of a Star Wars Fan

    In May 1997 just after the re-releases, I attended my first Star Wars convention, reuniting with my fellow actors for the first time in 18 years. The event was in Hackensack, New Jersey, just across the Hudson from New York City and the Twin Towers. In the nineties, I donated all my proceeds for children’s […]

  • swintheuk_logo_1

    Star Wars in the UK: The Dark Times, 1987—1991

    The year was 1983. Return of the Jedi had been released to great fanfare on 25th May, breaking opening day records worldwide and bringing the original trilogy to a conclusion with a blast, resolving — for the next 32 years, at least — the fates of Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, and the droids. As it […]

  • 3088

    WonderCon Wonderment 2013!

    As many fans of the Star Wars universe know, 501st and Rebel Legion members across the globe dedicate time and effort year-round in support of local community and charitable organizations to help raise funds and bring smiles to Star Wars fans of all ages. And with spring just around the corner, that means “con season” is […]

  • figures

    Female Star Wars Fans: Strong with the Force

    I’m a little late on this but March had me thinking about Women’s History Month and what it means to Star Wars fans. Just consider the huge shift in sci-fi fan (I hesitate to use the term “geek” but that’s what I’m really thinking) demographics that’s taken place since Star Wars came out. In middle […]

  • team-glue

    The MVPs of Celebration

    There’s a sort of superhero vibe that surrounds my Elite Squad at the Star Wars Celebrations. You know how it happens in the movies when all hell breaks loose, and it looks like there is no hope for the good citizens. Suddenly Batman shows up, and you know that everything is going to be all […]

  • let-ahsoka-win

    This Is Madness! Let Ahsoka Win!

    Wow! I am so excited that Ahsoka made it to the Sixteen Strikes Back round! Thank you to everyone who voted last week but now she REALLY needs your help because this IS madness! The fact that Ahsoka is up against Chewbacca in this March Madness competition makes me a little mad because I LOVE […]

  • uncut-video-game

    The Empire Strikes Back Uncut: Video Game Re-creations

    I love Star Wars video games. Growing up, I played all the Super Nintendo games and a laundry list of others. I think my favorites are Super Star Wars,  Star Wars: Dark Forces, and Star Wars Galaxies…which I played for three months straight, earning galaxy currency as an interior decorator (best job I’ve ever had). I […]

  • karpiuk-logo

    Fully Operational Fandom: All In The Family

    One of the best parts about being a Star Wars fan is sharing it with the people you love. The films, comics, toys, books, and television series help the saga reach across generations. You’ll find fans in all age groups. To paraphrase another movie with Liam Neeson, Star Wars actually is all around. This is […]

  • uk-in-the-70s-80s

    Star Wars in the UK: Late ’70s, Early ’80s

    As we dive into the post-Disney acquisition era of Lucasfilm and Star Wars I thought it might not be a bad time to take a few steps back into the past to see what loving Star Wars was like before the advent of Facebook and Twitter, before the Internet, before DVDs, Hasbro, Dark Horse, and […]

  • hoth-diorama

    Fully Operational Fandom: Building Tiny Worlds

    One must have patience to be a Jedi, and one must have even more tenacity to be a diorama builder. Legions of Star Wars fans are devoted to creating miniature replicas of scenes from the films, and I bet most of them could teach Obi-Wan a trick or two. Barry Riddle would surely be considered […]

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