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    The Empire Strikes Back Uncut: Jedi Pets in Space

    Scenes for The Empire Strikes Back Uncut are still rolling in and they are full of vegetables, minerals, and many animals. One of the best parts of watching each new scene is seeing how fans bring their own personal touches in the creative process. And nothing’s more personal than pets. Man’s best friend(s) pop up in the best places: as a floppy eared Yoda, a downed Tauntaun, or the classic Chewbacca stand-in. But it’s not just Chewie dogs acting in Empire Uncut — there are many scenes featuring different members of the animal kingdom. Here are some great performances so far.

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    The Birth of the 501st Legion, Part Four: Detention Block 2551

    By the end of 1997 our adventures as Stormtroopers in a little one-tauntaun-town felt like they’d hit their high-water mark. The theatrical re-releases were done and gone, Star Wars merchandising was fading from store shelves, and events where a grown man in armor made sense were getting scarce. Like a watering hole in the desert, any sustaining power of the saga that kept Tom and me armoring up was drying up and leaving us feeling alone and awkwardly out of place. So the armor went into storage. The helmet got put on display. The black unitard I put into hiding: […]

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    Long Beach Comic Con: I Should Have Expected To Find You Here

    Star Wars fans from around the globe have their minds full of possibilities and excitement since the spectacular news broke that Disney had acquired Lucasfilm Ltd., and the eye-popping announcement that after many years of speculation and hope, additional episodes of the Star Wars saga will be released! While global fandom and movie news sites wait for the next bit of news on what the future has in store for Star Wars, fans in Southern California were able to enjoy a weekend of Star Wars glory and fun, turning out en mass for the 4th annual Long Beach Comic Con.

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    Report from the Star Wars Celebration Europe II Tour

    After meeting with Star Wars fans in London, Germany, and Belgium over the past two weeks, I’m once again awed and inspired by the creativity (and organization!) of the fan community. In prepping for Celebration Europe II, I was also able to spend quality time in the Essen convention center (Messe Essen) with some colleagues from Lucasfilm and our counterparts at ReedPOP. We considered possible floor plans, went over the audio/visual and other technical details, and eyed up some spaces for possible evening events. This solid planning, plus the fact that tickets will go on sale very soon at, […]

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    Last-Minute Star Wars Costume Ideas

    It’s the day before Halloween and you don’t have a costume. Dressing up like Queen Amidala might be out of reach, but there are plenty of other Star Wars costumes you can make in a day. Maybe you just got invited to a Halloween party? Or perhaps you want to dress up for school or work tomorrow? Whatever the case may be, fear not! Here are some Star Wars costume ideas that will help you get ready for Halloween in a hurry!

  • caravanofcourage

    Caravan of Courage: The Road to Star Wars Celebration Europe II

    The 30th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi is a landmark too big to go un-celebrated, and if there’s one thing Star Wars fans know how to do better than anyone, it’s how to celebrate and party. But five long years have passed since the summer of 2007, which saw the dual hit of Celebration IV in May and Celebration Europe, held at the Excel in London over the weekend of July 13-15. Bringing the saga to the country where the majority of the first four movies were filmed, UK and European fans were treated to […]

  • ewok-village Weekly Roundup: October 26, 2012

    Wondering what’s been happening at Here’s a quick roundup of what you might have missed this week, including a special update to’s Ewok Village game, even more Halloween-themed content on the Official Star Wars Blog, the release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Complete Season Four on Blu-ray and DVD, and lots more!

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    The Empire Strikes Back Uncut : Many Different Dagobahs

    I grew up on Dagobah. Or, the next best thing: Florida. Our Jedi training was slightly different (we paddled boats instead of lifting X-wings) and we had no Yodas to guide us (manatees aren’t good instructors), but we did have an awesome swamp for a backyard. Which is why it’s so awesome to see fans remake the classic Dagobah scenes. Users are hard at work on The Empire Strikes Back Uncut right now (psst, there’s still time to sign up and claim a scene).

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    F.A.C.T.S.: Belgium’s “Comic-Con”

    Until the 13th century, Ghent was the second largest city in Europe and it was even bigger than London. Silent (but popular) witnesses of Ghent’s glorious past are medieval buildings like Gravensteen Castle, built in 1180. But during rare occasions you can still find noble knights and evil warlocks lingering around in Ghent, only now they are better known as Jedi Knights and Sith Lords. The 20th and 21st of October was not a weekend easy to forget for Belgian Star Wars fans. It was the weekend of F.A.C.T.S. (Fantasy, Animation, Comics, Toys and Space), the largest convention in the […]

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