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  • yoda-arms

    The Empire Strikes Back Uncut: Illustrating the Empire

    As scenes for The Empire Strikes Back Uncut continue to fill our inboxes, we see all kinds of awesome live-action remakes. Adolescent Lukes, cat Yodas, and all kinds of cool handmade sets. Speaking of handmade, some of the fans really thinking outside the box are the ones who have started from a blank page, pen […]

  • kids-strike-back

    The Empire Strikes Back Uncut: The Jedi Kids Are Alright

    We love getting new scene submissions for The Empire Strikes Back Uncut, because we know every re-creation is going to bring together a whole different cast of props, costumes, effects, and characters. And boy do we get characters. Some of our favorite performances are from the youngest Jedi who are filling big, adult-sized acting shoes. […]

  • You Are the C-3PO to My R2-D2…

    We released this new Star Wars by Her Universe quote tee just in time for Valentine’s Day. No, this is not a shameless plug for our new shirt…it’s my hope for all of us this Valentine’s week. I hope that each one of you has a Valentine in your life, someone you love. It could be […]

  • han-and-leia

    Han and Leia: Why They’re Perfect Together

    I first saw A New Hope when I was four years old, and although I loved it, my thought process about it admittedly didn’t go much beyond ROBOTS SPACE EXPLOSIONS COOL! By the time The Empire Strikes Back was released, I was an oh-so-sophisticated second grader who was beginning to recognize the importance of human […]

  • leopold-wedding-ice-sculpture

    Fully Operational Fandom: Finding Love with the Force

    Hello and welcome to my first edition of Fully Operational Fandom! I’m excited about my new column because it’s going to be all about the fans. Star Wars enthusiasts make up the most passionate fan community I’ve ever experienced, and I’m continually impressed with how people channel their love for the galaxy far, far away. […]

  • star-wars-fan-site-logo

    Star Wars Fansite Seminar Highlights

    Have you ever wanted to start your own Star Wars fansite? On January 24, a new event took place to gather all of the information that you need to know about taking your first step into the larger world of fansites! The first ever Star Wars Fansite Seminar was a smashing success, as fans from across […]

  • star-wars-fan-site-logo

    Star Wars Fansite Seminar

    Today, Star Wars fans across the world will come together on Twitter for the first ever Star Wars Fansite Seminar. The idea behind this seminar is simple: Star Wars fans worldwide, with years of experience running Star Wars fan websites, want to share the tips, tricks, and secrets that they’ve learned to help fans that […]

  • marching-with-the-maker

    Marching with the Maker: A 501st Legion Reflection

    The recent holidays brought back some very special Star Wars memories to me. It was only six years ago on a cold New Year’s morning that over 200 armored men and women were gathered outside a hotel in Pasadena, clustered in squads that waited anxiously as large tour buses came and went like Imperial shuttles […]

  • Pringles_StarWars

    Call for Star Wars Commercial By Fans, for Fans

    If you haven’t heard, this fall we’re getting Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith released back-to-back, in glorious 3D. As part of that release, Lucasfilm has joined Forces (sorry, inevitable) with Pringles to help promote the release of both films and everyone’s favorite snack. Now, I know what you’re thinking: cross-promotional marketing […]

  • Hang On to Your Helmet — The Holidays Are Over!

    For roughly the past month it’s been the same: “We can rethink that floorplan after the holidays.” “I can have the answers you need after the holidays.” “We’ll send those links after the holidays.” “After the holidays we’ll be ready to revisit this.” “The document will be completed for you after the holidays.” Etc. etc. […]

  • star-wars-uncut-streamy

    The Empire Strikes Back Uncut Streamy Awards Nomination

    Who’s scruffy-looking now?! Congrats, fans: The Empire Strikes Back Uncut has been nominated for this year’s Streamy Awards!! The Streamy Awards honors creativity and excellence in original online video programming, picking out the best actors, directors, producers, and everything else in the world of web video.

  • Star Wars: Highlights of 2012

    This year was a big one for Star Wars and Lucasfilm, to say the least. From a certain major announcement to story developments in The Clone Wars, 2012 was a historic year for Star Wars. The Team selected its highlights of 2012; find out what made the cut after the jump, and let us […]

  • 140-walking

    Holidays On Ice

    December 25th – provided that the world has not ended per the Mayan calendar – I’ll be flying to Hoth. More specifically, I’ll be flying to Cordova, Alaska for the holidays, where I used to live before I came to work at Lucasfilm. It will be dark and cold and icy, and some of my […]

  • hamsolo

    The Empire Strikes Back Uncut: The Foodie Force

    Star Wars fans love to eat. Or, at least it looks like it, according to all these pizza slices, green pea piles, and whipped dessert toppings found in the scenes submitted for The Empire Strikes Back Uncut. The Empire Strikes Back‘s many planets give fans ample reason to dig into their scene-setting skills: Hoth, Cloud […]

  • santa-trooper

    Christmas Troopers: A Little Naughty, Mostly Nice

    There’s something about this time of year that brings out the kid in all of us (which is great, because a guy in Stormtrooper armor isn’t fooling anyone the other eleven months of the year). The holidays are a silly time — one for crazy sweaters, sing-songy music, and wishlists of toys (figurative or literal). […]

  • imperial-march

    The Saga Continues…

    Someone pinch me. I need a confirmation that I’m awake, because recently I read that new Star Wars films are in the works. I don’t remember finding an old lamp and rubbing it, and I don’t think my prayers from when I was 12 years old count, so I’m not sure how exactly my wish […]

  • han-solo-dress

    Black Milk Star Wars: Fan Fashion

    I grew up in the ’80s. I’ll never forget when I was a kid, going down to the store with my loose change to get the latest bubble gum cards from my favorite movie — Return of the Jedi. I would spend hours pouring over all the classic cards in my collection, looking at all […]

  • ashley-ahsoka

    Her Universe: An Army of Fangirls!

    A fangirl revolution started a few years ago when we launched Her Universe. It was not a single effort by me or my team, it was a united effort by an army of fangirls — starting with Star Wars fans. We were tired of settling for Star Wars clothes made for men and boys and […]

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