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  • Star Wars Celebration I: The Real Insiders’ Club

    I am not a part of the tribe. I have worked on every Star Wars Celebration since Celebration II, but no matter, I am not a member of the elite echelon of fans who traveled to Star Wars Celebration I in Colorado back in 1999. Not able to claim I had anything to do with the show at all, I do not possess even a nostalgic attendance badge.

  • Join Us Saturday, Feb. 2 for The Clone Wars Google+ Hangout!

    I don’t know about you, but I am LOVING the Darth Maul episodes and you are in for an amazing and dramatic finale this Saturday! The fun doesn’t stop with the episode though: make sure to join us afterwards for our first ever Google+ Hangout! At 10:30 a.m. PST come and join me, Matt Lanter, Sam Witwer, and Dave Filoni for a special Q&A moderated by Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo and’s Christian Blauvelt! We are going to chat about Darth Maul, the season finale arc which involves Anakin and Ahsoka, and we’ll answer YOUR questions! Things are about to get […]

  • The Innovations of Star Wars and How They Inspire

    There’s a simple rule to most movies: Amputees are bad guys. Almost without fail, if there’s a guy with a hook for a hand or one who walks with a limp or has a glass eye, then he’s a bad dude. It’s an easy metaphor to slide into movies and it extends past just amputated limbs. A character wears some disfiguring mark or bears the burden of some horrible malady, and you leave the viewer with the idea that there’s a dark past explaining it or some bad moral compass that led to it.

  • Star Wars Fansite Seminar Highlights

    Have you ever wanted to start your own Star Wars fansite? On January 24, a new event took place to gather all of the information that you need to know about taking your first step into the larger world of fansites! The first ever Star Wars Fansite Seminar was a smashing success, as fans from across the globe took to Twitter to join in the fun. The seminar was the perfect opportunity for fansite creators to share advice on how to design and manage a Star Wars fansite, with many readers chiming in as well. There were even appearances from Star […]

  • Star Wars Fansite Seminar

    Today, Star Wars fans across the world will come together on Twitter for the first ever Star Wars Fansite Seminar. The idea behind this seminar is simple: Star Wars fans worldwide, with years of experience running Star Wars fan websites, want to share the tips, tricks, and secrets that they’ve learned to help fans that are looking to jump into the world of Star Wars fandom. Whether you are looking for sage advice on how to start a Star Wars website of your own, or would simply like the opportunity to interact with fans and maybe find a new fan […]

  • Marching with the Maker: A 501st Legion Reflection

    The recent holidays brought back some very special Star Wars memories to me. It was only six years ago on a cold New Year’s morning that over 200 armored men and women were gathered outside a hotel in Pasadena, clustered in squads that waited anxiously as large tour buses came and went like Imperial shuttles to take them away for a very special mission. That was the year George Lucas was named grand marshal of the Tournament of Roses Parade. And he had made it clear from the very start what he wanted as grand marshal. He wanted Imperial Stormtroopers […]

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