Hera Syndulla and Chopper

Hera's love of starships started young, when she dreamed of living on her own craft and traversing the galaxy on her own terms. While her parents were cautious about their daughter's interests, their longtime family friend Gobi Glie helped her sate her curiosity by teaching her to fly on his own ship. However, some of Gobi's ideas got the young Hera in trouble with her parents and, on at least one occasion, the Empire.

When Hera's parents were arrested for an alleged assassination attempt against Orn Free Taa, the young girl had no choice but to call upon Clone Force 99 for help in freeing her family. The Bad Batch's reticence tested Hera's determination, but ultimately she and her new friend Omega, and the team to stage a daring rescue.

Hera Syndulla standing in front of a customized TIE Fighter

Hera Syndulla’s father Cham was a Twi’lek independence fighter with a suspicion of authority, a knack for leadership, and the ability to balance loyalty to those under his command with unswerving dedication to a larger goal. Cham’s daughter brought many of these same qualities to the struggle against the Empire on Lothal. She made the best use of her crew’s varied skills, worked to keep them from losing faith in their mission, and protected the secret of the mysterious rebel agent Fulcrum.

Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus talking aboard the Ghost

While an extraordinary pilot and capable fighter, Hera lacked the ability with the Force shown by her longtime friend Kanan Jarrus. But Hera had the perspective that the impetuous Kanan sometimes lacked, and was able to help Kanan weather the frustrations of trying to mentor his headstrong Padawan Ezra Bridger.

Hera Syndulla piloting a B-Wing

When the rebellion failed to pass an Imperial blockade, clone trooper Rex advised that they seek out Quarrie: an engineer who had built a powerful new kind of starfighter. Hera led the mission to meet him, and she became the test pilot for the experimental craft, impressing its creator with her skill and heart. With Quarrie’s blessing, she took the B-wing into battle, saving the fleet and ensuring a successful drop of food supplies to Ibaar.

Hera and Cham Syndulla working together

Despite a strained relationship, Hera contacted her father, the legendary Cham Syndulla, to collaborate on a mission: they would steal an Quasar Fire-Class Cruiser-Carrier stationed over their home planet of Ryloth. Their interactions were tense -- Cham refused to see the value of the rebellion over the freedom of Ryloth -- but they went forward with the plan. Cham, however, double-crossed Hera and the Ghost crew. Obsessed with protecting Ryloth and bitter that his wife died at the hands of the Empire, he wanted to destroy the ship. Ultimately, Hera convinced Cham of the rebellion’s validity and of her love for him. Together they completed the mission, securing a much-needed large-scale ship for the rebellion.

Hera Syndulla holding her family's Kalikori

When the Empire occupied the Tann province on Ryloth -- including the Syndulla home -- Hera was determined to recover a family heirloom called a Kalikori. The mission did not go as planned, however, when Grand Admiral Thrawn captured Hera, deducing she was the daughter of Cham Syndulla and rebel leader. Ultimately, Hera sacrificed the Kalikori and her home in order to strike at the Empire.