Kanan Jarrus wielding a blaster

Caleb Dume was still a Padawan when he escaped Order 66, hiding his Jedi abilities and assuming the name Kanan Jarrus. He spent years doing odd jobs and developing a reputation as a hothead and a roughneck, with no purpose to his life. But that changed when he met Hera Syndulla. The two became close friends, and the leaders of a rebel cell opposing the Empire on the Outer Rim world of Lothal.

Kanan Jarrus wielding Ezra's lightsaber alongside his own

Kanan had never completed his Jedi training. While in hiding, he’d denied his Force abilities and battled his guilt over his inability to save his master. But that changed when he encountered a thieving orphan named Ezra Bridger, who possessed remarkable strength with the Force. Kanan decided to train Ezra as his Padawan, and in doing so began to embrace the Jedi heritage he had abandoned years before.