Ezra Bridger

Ezra Bridger lost his parents when he was seven and grew up as an orphan on Lothal, stealing to make a living and delighting in outfoxing the forces of the Empire. Ezra thought only of himself until the day he encountered a crew of rebels seeking to fight the Empire.

Sabine Wren watching as Ezra Bridger ignites his lightsaber

One of the rebels, Kanan Jarrus, told Ezra that his abilities came from the mysterious energy field known as the Force. Kanan was a fugitive Jedi, and offered to train Ezra as his Padawan. The boy agreed, though the road would not be easy for a master who hadn’t completed his own training and a headstrong apprentice who’d never liked taking orders from anybody.

 Kanan Jarrus mentors Ezra Bridger

During his time with the rebels, Ezra dedicated himself to a purpose beyond simply surviving, and saw his opposition to the Empire as a way to honor his parents’ sacrifice. He also grew as a Jedi, learning to control his powers and use them responsibly.