Omega and Crosshair

At the dawn of the Empire, Omega expressed an interest in joining the members of Clone Force 99, but the group's leader, Hunter, was initially unsure about allowing her among their ranks. After she warned them about the unscrupulous Admiral Tarkin ahead of a mission to Onderon, the Bad Batch returned to Kamino to save the young girl who was a mutated clone just like them. When Crosshair defected to the Empire, Omega alone showed compassion to the sharpshooter who seemingly could not control his impulses.


Caring for a child proved to be a new challenge for the elite soldiers. On Saleucami, they tried to give Omega a chance at a normal life in the care of Cut Lawquane and his family. But Omega wanted to be with Clone Force 99, not left behind.

Omega and Fennec

On Pantora to refuel the Bad Batch's ship, the Marauder, and obtain needed supplies, Omega attracted the attention of the bounty hunter Fennec Shand. With help from Hunter, the girl evaded capture.


The team soon settled in on Ord Mantell, finding work with a Trandoshan barkeep known as Cid. On a mission to Old Ord Mantell City, Omega found her own weapon, an energy bow, and proved an essential part of the team as they rescued a young rancor called Muchi.

Trace, Rafa, and omega

On another job for Cid, Omega made fast friends with Trace and Rafa Martez, as the two sisters fought the Batch for control of a Separatist tactical droid. With the former Republic clone army now fighting for the Empire, the Clone Wars-era droid had valuable information to defeat the soldiers.

Wrecker and Omega

Danger was around every corner, and sometimes in the places Omega least expected it. She knew from her training that the clones all had an inhibitor chip that forced them into submission to the Empire's orders against their will, and endangered anyone who defied the new regime. Still, it took the appearance of former Clone Captain Rex and the malfunction of Wrecker's inhibitor chip to force Clone Force 99 to take action and protect Omega from themselves.

Hunter and Omega

On Bracca, where disused medical facilities provided the tech to remove the batch's chips, Omega and her friends encountered Crosshair and his Imperial forces as well as another bounty hunter who would stop at nothing to bring Omega in.