Naboo being blockaded by Trade Federation ships

The peaceful planet of Naboo was thrust into the galactic spotlight a decade before the Clone Wars, blockaded by Trade Federation battleships as part of a trade dispute with the planet and the Republic Senate. An invasion soon followed, with the planet’s citizens interned in detention camps.

Gungan and Trade Federation Battle Droids fighting on Naboo

Naboo’s queen, Padmé Amidala, escaped with the help of two Jedi Knights and made her way to Coruscant, where she and Senator Palpatine sought justice for their planet. Finding the Senate hobbled by bureaucratic infighting, a frustrated Amidala called for a no-confidence vote in Valorum. Palpatine would succeed him as Chancellor, beginning his rise to power. 

Roos Tarpals defending Naboo from Separatist forces

The Trade Federation invasion was thwarted by an alliance between Naboo’s human colonists and the native Gungans. But during the Clone Wars, Naboo’s association with Palpatine and Padmé made the planet a Separatist target once again.