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Centuries before the events of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, the galaxy thrives in an era of prosperity. The High Republic is a time when the Jedi Knights are out in the galaxy in full force, fulfilling their duties as guardians of peace and justice. Readers were introduced to this never-before-seen period of the galaxy’s history with Star Wars: The High Republic: The Light of the Jedi in January 2021 as a Star Wars publishing initiative unlike any other kicked off.

The stories of Star Wars: The High Republic can be found in novel, comic book, manga, and audiobook forms, as well as incredible virtual reality experiences from ILMxLAB, over the course of three phases:

  • Phase I: Light of the Jedi
  • Phase II: Quest of the Jedi
  • Phase III: Trials of the Jedi

Phase I comes to a close beginning in January 2022. Let’s get ready for the explosive conclusion of this phase by taking a look at where The High Republic currently stands.

Warning! Major spoilers for Phase I of Star Wars: The High Republic follow.

Jedi of The High Republic

Who’s Who

The High Republic thrives under the leadership of Chancellor Lina Soh. Jedi Knights, through the guidance of the Jedi Council, are dispatched throughout the galaxy to temples, outposts, and the frontier along the Outer Rim.

Among the Jedi’s ranks are three masters and friends, Avar Kriss, Stellan Gios, and Elzar Mann; Loden Greatstorm (now dead); Vernestra Rwoh and her Padawan Imri Cantaros; Master Sskeer and his former Padawan Keeve Trennis; Indeera Stokes and her Padawan Bell Zettifar, Knights Terec and Ceret; Masters Torban Buck, Estala Maru, and Porter Engle; Lily Tora-Asi, Cohmac Vitus, Emerick Caphtor, and OrbaLin; Padawans Burryaga, Reath Silas, Ram Jomaram, Lula Talisola, Qort, and Farzala Tarabal; Wayseeker Orla Jareni; and the venerable Master Yoda.

Notable non-Jedi in this era include pilots Affie Hallow, Leox Gyasi, and Sylvestri Yarrow, inventor Avon Starros, navigator Geode, Force wielders Zeen Mrala and Ty Yorrick, Starlight Beacon support staff like Joss and Pikka Adren and Velko Jahen, and contractor (i.e., journalist) Rhil Dairo.

the Nihil

The Jedi Order and the galaxy are plagued by highly organized marauders known the Nihil. Threatened by the Jedi’s increasing involvement in the Outer Rim, the Nihil seek to reclaim what they consider theirs. Significant members include the deadly Lourna Dee and the ever-scheming Nan. They are led by Marchion Ro, the Eye of the Nihil, who unleashes a vicious plan against the unprepared Jedi…

The High Republic: Ships and Vehicles: Starlight Beacon

The Big Events

Chancellor Soh had been employing her Great Works initiative to encourage worlds to join the Republic and improve the galaxy, including building the stunning space station Starlight Beacon, when disaster struck. A transport ship called the Legacy Run exploded in hyperspace, and its scattered remains threatened to crash into planets inhabited by billions. The Jedi and some of the bravest souls in the galaxy banded together to save countless lives.

The Legacy Run disaster was engineered by the leader of the Nihil, Marchion Ro, and it was just the start of his scheming against the Republic in retaliation for its expansion into the Outer Rim, as well as the Jedi. The Nihil and the Jedi clashed at the Battle of Kur after the catastrophe, and many Jedi lives were lost.

Marvel's Star Wars: The High Republic #4 preview 6

Meanwhile, Jedi stranded on board an ancient Amaxine battle station unwittingly released the vicious carnivorous plantlike species known as the Drengir. As the Jedi of Starlight Beacon investigated a strange corpse on a derelict ship, their path took them straight into conflict with the Drengir on the planet Sedri Minor. The marshal of Starlight Beacon, Avar Kriss, formed an uneasy alliance with the Hutts to battle the Drengir as the beings rose up on hundreds of worlds in the Outer Rim.

The Nihil continued their assault on not just the Republic and Jedi Order, but the citizens of the galaxy, as well. Their next major target was the Republic Fair on Valo. The glittering display was Soh’s vision of a bright future, and the Nihil were determined to send a message. They attacked and unleashed destruction as the Jedi saved as many people as they could.

It took the combined forces of the Jedi and the Togruta fleet to hold off the attack. In the aftermath, the Jedi learned that the Nihil had helped seed the Drengir in the Outer Rim to use them as a distraction and split the Order during the Valo attack.

Marcion Ro

The conflict escalated until the Jedi and Nihil clashed again at the Battle of Grizal. There Marchion Ro made his boldest move against the Jedi yet — and unleashed a horror known as the Leveler.

Where Things Stand

Jedi Keeve Trennis and Master Sskeer took advantage of the hive mind of the Drengir used to control their victims to find the location of their homeworld. There the Jedi and Hutts put the Great Progenitor, a being that acted as the driving force behind the Drengir, into stasis. The remaining Drengir fell dormant once the Great Progenitor was immobilized.

Master Yoda has remained missing after setting out on a secret mission.

Vernestra Rwoh explored her rare ability to receive visions while in hyperspace, including one sent by the enigmatic Mari San Tekka.

The Nihil are seemingly on the run as the Republic puts on the pressure. The Jedi believed Lourna Dee was the marauders’ leader and had her in their sights. Master Avar Kriss spearheaded the mission to find the elusive Dee. Keeve Trennis and Terec went undercover as Nihil to discover what was really going on within their ranks, but their plans quickly went awry.

Meanwhile, Force-sensitive Zeen Mrala continued to search for her former friend Krix, who had joined the Nihil. Young ship captain Syl Yarrow was dismayed to discover her mother, Chancey Yarrow, had also teamed up with the Nihil. Chancey put her own machinations into motion with Nan.

Stellan Gios, recently made part of the Jedi Council, has tasked Emerick Caphtor with investigating what happened at the Battle of Grizal. Caphtor’s investigation took him to the planet of Vrant Tarnum, the very same place that a lifetime of researching the Leveler had brought Marchion Ro.

Ro still has the insatiable unknown creature at his beck and call. What will the Nihil do with such power at their command?

We’ll find out in Star Wars: The High Republic: The Fallen Star and Star Wars: The High Republic: Mission to Disaster, arriving January 4, 2022, as Phase I of The High Republic begins its stunning conclusion.

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