6 Things We’re Excited About from the Latest Trailer for The Mandalorian

Beasts of burden and battling aliens have us counting down the days until the November 12 debut on Disney+.

“They said you were coming. They said you were the best in the parsec.”

The Mandalorian is, indeed, on its way, arriving on Disney+ on November 12. And tonight we’re watching the latest trailer for the first Star Wars live-action series again and again. Bounty hunting is a complicated profession, but it’s not difficult to see why we’re so excited for this footage, which you can watch below!

Here are 6 things we’re most excited about!

1. The majestic blurrg. Glimpsed trotting along the sun-kissed ridge, the noble blurrg is stoic and strong, but docile enough to carry a rider into battle and beyond.

2. Trandoshans in action. Think two Trandoshans can take on the Mandalorian? Think again.

3. The Razor Crest’s cargo. A carbonite-encased quarry can be seen gliding down the ramp of the masked warrior’s ship, effortlessly floating toward a row of similarly-fated friends.

4. Quarren captured. We’ve previously seen a version of this moment, but now we get a longer look at the alien in the Mandalorian’s sights.

5. A new creature. A row of crooked teeth and a massive horn make this fearsome beast a force to be reckoned with. By the looks of it, not even the Mandalorian can tame it.

6. That daring leap onto a TIE! Although we have yet to learn much about the armored warrior at the heart of the new series, just one look at him leaping onto what appears to be the cockpit of a TIE fighter suggests he will stop at nothing to complete his mission.

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