Star Wars Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Give gifts more powerful than you can possibly imagine this holiday season.

The holidays are in range. You need gifts for the Star Wars fans in your life. (And maybe for yourself.) But you’re lacking the right intel. What are you going to do?

Fear not! has just completed a recon mission on the best presents in the galaxy. Check out our official holiday gift guide below, featuring everything from Star Wars toys to clothes, books, and more! May the Force (and gifts) be with you!

Lenovo and Disney’s Jedi Challenges 

This is the gift that can actually put you inside Star WarsJedi Challenges is a new smartphone-powered augmented reality experience and a wonder to play, featuring lightsaber battles, holochess, and strategic combat, bringing Star Wars to life in ways not previously possible. If you ever wanted to see what it feels like to duel a Sith Lord, be a military commander on Hoth, or play the game that inspires Chewie to pull droids’ arms out of their sockets if he loses, now’s your chance.

Hasbro’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi Figures and Accessories

The fine folks at Hasbro have a wide range of new Star Wars toys available, including many based on The Last Jedi, in various scales for all ages. The 6-inch Black Series figures (like Kylo Ren above) are beautifully sculpted and highly-detailed, while their line of masks, helmets (see Poe Dameron’s above), lightsabers, and more bring Star Wars dreams to reality. Perfect for the toy chest, display cabinet, or even the office. (Especially the Poe helmet. It commands instant respect in important meetings.)

ANOVOS’ Star Wars Helmets and Armor

If you know any aspiring troopers or rebel soldiers, ANOVOS has the gear you need with screen-accurate helmets, armor, and costumes from across the saga. (And that red stormtrooper helmet is just perfect for this time of year.)

ThinkGeek’s Jedi Robe Sleeved Blanket

Perfect for your sitting-on-the-couch-with-a-bowl-of-ice-cream Jedi training, the Jedi Robe Sleeved Blanket is available only at ThinkGeek.

Sphero’s App-Enabled Droids

We know you’ve heard it a million times already, but this time we mean it: These are the droids you’re looking for. Sphero‘s app-enabled droids, including BB-8, The Last Jedi‘s BB-9E, and R2-D2, not only look stunning, but they’re also technological wonders. So really — if you’re looking for droids (and who isn’t!), these are the ones you want.

Disney Store’s Star Wars Mega Figure Play Set (Plus and Disney Store’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals!)

This massive collection of 20 figures is available only at Disney Stores and (You’ll have to make the lightsaber sounds and say “Yub nub” yourself.)

littleBits Droid Inventor Kit

It’s time to build your own astromech! The littleBits Droid Inventor Kit will turn anyone into a droid inventor — it’s easy to use and customizable, encouraging fun and creativity. And who hasn’t wanted their own Artoo unit? Find out more in’s exclusive interview with kit’s designer.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Books

If you want to go inside the world of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, there are some amazing books already available and more on the way. Star Wars: The Last Jedi – The Visual Dictionary features incredible photos and deep insight into the film’s characters, worlds, and weapons; Canto Bight includes four novellas set in The Last Jedi‘s new casino city; and let’s not forget Chewie and the PorgsFeel the Force of reading this holiday season!

Radio Flyer’s Landspeeder

Radio Flyer’s awesome take on Luke’s landspeeder in Star Wars: A New Hope has room for two riders, an interactive dashboard with lights and real movie sounds, and a 5 MPH driving speed. Hit the accelerator!

Funko’s POP! Vinyl Figures

Super-cute, super-cool collectibles, Funko‘s line of Pop! figures are massively popular. Funko has made toys of tons of characters from the entire saga, so whether you know a Star Wars Rebels megafan, a classic trilogy aficionado, or someone who prefers Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you’ll find a Pop! for them. Give in to the POP! side!

Propel’s Star Wars Drones

Star Wars drones. What else is there to say? Pretty much one of the coolest things ever.

A.T. Cross’ Star Wars Pens

These beautifully-designed pens from A.T. Cross — including C-3PO, Darth Vader, and more — are perfect for any galaxy. Each features a color finish based on its character, emblems, and salient design details. The Click & Jotzone Gift Set version includes a leather-bound journal, perfect for jotting down rebel plans or Imperial schemes.’s Star Wars Cufflinks (Natch) and More

For the stylish Jedi in your life, has cufflinks in the design of the Millennium Falcon, the Rebel Alliance insignia, and more, as well as holiday-themed socks and other offerings. Celebrate the saga and look good doing it.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals: Get 25% off at from 11/20 – 11/30 with promo code STARWARS25!

Petco’s Pet Toys and Costumes

Chewbacca and porg throw pillows for dogs. Ewok costumes. AT-AT chew toys. These brilliant creations and more are all available at Your pet will be strong with the Force this holiday season.

Garmin’s Star Wars Vivofit Jr. 2

Available in Resistance and First Order styles, Garmin‘s Vivofit Jr. is a kids activity tracker featuring chore management and schedule alert tools for parents. Plus with the BB-8’s Adventure: A Star Wars Story app, meeting a 60-minute daily activity goal just got a whole lot more fun. It’s a Star Wars and parenting win!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals: Get the BB-8 and First Order (a Best Buy exclusive) versions for $79.99 each through 12/23.

Picnic Time’s Star Wars Totes and More

Now, you can picnic with the power of the Force. Picnic Time has several Star Wars offerings, from the Darth Vader lunch tote to a Star Wars logo sports chair. Be the envy of all other Star Wars fans in the park.

Pendleton’s Star Wars Blankets and More

Cozy up in a soft blanket with an intricate Star Wars theme for a nap more relaxing than you can possibly imagine. Pendleton brings its fine craftsmanship and gorgeous patterns to a collection of luxurious blankets, travel kits, and portfolios. With a variety of Star Wars: The Last Jedi looks available, including a portrait of Chewbacca and his new porg allies, and other classic characters, there’s something for every fan.

Pendleton’s gorgeous Star Wars blankets, travel kits, and portfolios . Pendleton has a variety of looks available, including many based on Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Disney Store and’s Toybox Star Wars Figures

Based on designs from the Disney Infinity video game, the new Toybox line of Star Wars figures have a fun, animated style that we love. (For more on the line, check out’s feature on the first wave of toys.) Available exclusively at Disney Store and Press start!

Terez’s Star Wars Leggings

Stylish, fashionable, and as comfortable as any Jedi robe, Terez‘s Star Wars leggings come in a variety of looks and are sure to please fans everywhere.

Underground Toys’ Star Wars Household Items

Stow your most urgent secret messages or just the essentials — coffee, flour, sugar — in this droid container set. Underground Toys’ Star Wars household items are charming and colorful, and great for Resistance- and First Order-aligned homes alike.

Robe Factory’s Star Wars Schematics

Now you can have your own Death Star plans. (And the Falcon‘s, too.) Robe Factory’s Star Wars Schematics Illuminated Display is a handsome decorative item, allowing you to swap out Death Star and Millennium Falcon blueprints in its illuminated base. Just keep it away from astromech droids.

Tee Turtle’s Star Wars T-shirts

You don’t know the cute side of the Force! Well, you will with Tee Turtle‘s unique and positively adorable versions of the heroes and villains of Star Wars. All Star Wars, all the time.

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