• Female,
  • Human,


The First Order


The daughter of a racer and granddaughter of an Imperial factory worker, Tam always believed she was destined for bigger things than a lowly job as a mechanic on a ship that was always threatening to explode. Frustrated by the class divides inherent in the luxurious life the Aces enjoyed inside Doza Tower, as the First Order closed in on the Colossus, Tam was among a minority of sympathizers who found comfort in the appearance of stormtrooper patrols.

Tam and the First Order

Tam had dreams of becoming a pilot in her own right, so when she discovered that her friend Kaz had been lying to her and spying for the Resistance, and her mentor Jarek Yeager knew about the deception, she accepted the First Order's offer to leave her life on the Colossus behind. Tam felt like she’d been used, and that the promises Yeager made for her to have a better life were all empty. In the end, she walked away from the man who had been like a father to her to take the hand of Agent Tierny. Armed with a warm meal and a holo transmission seeming to show evidence of Yeager’s deceit, Tierny was able to convince Tam that the First Order could provide security and a future she would never know aboard the Colossus.

Once aboard the First Order Star Destroyer, Tam was recruited as a cadet pilot by the First Order and called upon to help track down the Colossus. Feeling betrayed by the people she thought were her friends, Tam was eager to prove her loyalty to a cause she believed in. From her perspective, the First Order was merely trying to make the galaxy safer for everyone.

And at long last, thanks to Agent Tierny and her pledge to help, Tam was a real pilot. With her shabby civilian clothes folded in a pile, Tam's indoctrination into the First Order was nearly complete when the moment was interrupted by a message from her old friend Kaz crackling through her personal comlink. As he tried to explain why he'd lied about who he was, she angrily ended the transmission and proudly put on the TIE fighter pilot helmet.

After Jace Rucklin caught Tam listening to the message again, she turned the comlink over to her commanders. That intel allowed Agent Tierny and the First Order to trace the message's origin and catch up to the Colossus over D'Qar. Tam's resistance to fully assimilating as DT-533, a faceless pilot with unwavering loyalty to the First Order, made her the subject of scrutiny by some of her superiors, including Commander Pyre. But despite his insistence that she needed to be conditioned, Agent Tierny found the young pilot's spirit to be an asset to her quest to track down the Colossus and bring the spy Kazuda Xiono to justice.

Although she immediately showed great skill in First Order flight exercises, Tam's compassion for her fellow pilots was seen as a weakness in an organization that prided itself on the survival of only its strongest members. During a training exercise for the privilege of serving a squad leader, Tam broke formation to save Jace Rucklin after a precise shot to the back of his TIE fighter sent him perilously spinning out of control toward a nearby Star Destroyer. Tam heroically swooped in to help get Rucklin's ship to safety, a move that immediately put her out of favor with their ruthless flight instructor Lientenant Galek and cost her the promotion.

Later, when a mysterious Resistance pilot was brought onboard, Tam felt a pull toward the familiar First Order prisoner. Revealing herself to be Venisa Doza, Torra Doza's mother, the fast-talking pilot challenged Tam's perception of the First Order then took her prisoner as part of an escape plot. Venisa would have gladly taken Tam with her and returned the cadet to the safety of the Colossus; but insistent on trying to assimilate to the First Order's ways, and still calling herself DT-533, Tam refused Venisa's suggestion. Nevertheless, after the interaction Tam's precarious beliefs began to waiver. Tam cried out as Venisa made her escape and later protected the pilot's identity under questioning by Agent Tierny. 

Despite the First Order's best efforts to turn her into an emotionless soldier, Tam's conscience often got the best of her. During a routine supply run on the Titan refueling station, Tam's suspicions that Kaz was also there were confirmed when Jace Rucklin trapped both Kaz and Neeku behind some blast doors and reported the spies to the First Order security forces. When she overheard that they had infiltrated the massive First Order station in a desperate attempt to retrieve a life-saving part for the Colossus, she secretly unlocked the doors and allowed them to escape to help her old friends.

During an attack on the Colossus after it was discovered on Aeos, Tam had the chance to destroy Kaz from her TIE fighter, but paused long enough for the Ace to squeeze off a few rounds aimed at the bridge of Tam's command ship. She swiftly neutralized the threat to her commanders, but missed her chance at firing on Kaz.

After she watched the First Order open fire on Aeos, Tam's fluid allegiance was swayed back to her friends aboard the Colossus. With the help of a mouse droid, 5-L, her old comlink, and a secret code she had developed with Neeku, Tam was able to get a message to Kaz that she wanted to leave the First Order. The rendezvous was set for their old home -- Castilon.

Unfortunately, Agent Tierny figured out her plan and the shuttle that had brought Yeager, Kaz, and CB-23 to the rendezvous was soon captured. As the Star Destroyer made its way to meet the Colossus and destroy it, Yeager, Tam, and Kaz risked everything to get a message to their friends to escape. But the denizens of the Colossus were tired of running and ready to fight.