• Female,
  • Human,


The First Order


The daughter of a racer and granddaughter of an Imperial factory worker, Tam always believed she was destined for bigger things than a lowly job as a mechanic on a ship that was always threatening to explode. Frustrated by the class divides inherent in the luxurious life the Aces enjoyed inside Doza Tower, as the First Order closed in on the Colossus, Tam was among a minority of sympathizers who found comfort in the appearance of stormtrooper patrols.

Tam and the First Order

Tam had dreams of becoming a pilot in her own right, so when she discovered that her friend Kaz had been lying to her and spying for the Resistance, and her mentor Jarek Yeager knew about the deception, she accepted the First Order's offer to leave her life on the Colossus behind. Tam felt like she’d been used, and that the promises Yeager made for her to have a better life were all empty. In the end, she walked away from the man who had been like a father to her to take the hand of Agent Tierny. Armed with a warm meal and a holo transmission seeming to show evidence of Yeager’s deceit, Tierny was able to convince Tam that the First Order could provide security and a future she would never know aboard the Colossus.

Once aboard the First Order Star Destroyer, Tam was recruited as a cadet pilot by the First Order and called upon to help track down the Colossus. Feeling betrayed by the people she thought were her friends, Tam was eager to prove her loyalty to a cause she believed in. From her perspective, the First Order was merely trying to make the galaxy safer for everyone.

And at long last, thanks to Agent Tierny and her pledge to help, Tam was a real pilot. With her shabby civilian clothes folded in a pile, Tam's indoctrination into the First Order was nearly complete when the moment was interrupted by a message from her old friend Kaz crackling through her personal comlink. As he tried to explain why he'd lied about who he was, she angrily ended the transmission and proudly put on the TIE fighter pilot helmet.

After Jace Rucklin caught Tam listening to the message again, she turned the comlink over to her commanders. That intel allowed Agent Tierny and the First Order to trace the message's origin and catch up to the Colossus over D'Qar. Tam's resistance to fully assimilating as DT-533, a faceless pilot with unwavering loyalty to the First Order, made her the subject of scrutiny by some of her superiors, including Commander Pyre. But despite his insistence that she needed to be conditioned, Agent Tierny found the young pilot's spirit to be an asset to her quest to track down the Colossus and bring the spy Kazuda Xiono to justice.