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The First Order

After BB-8 returned to help Poe Dameron on a special mission for the Resistance, CB-23 joined Kazuda Xiono to assist in his endeavors as a spy aboard the Colossus platform. After helping to defeat a First Order droid during the battle on Castilon, the Colossus was freed from the watery depths and made the jump to hyperspace. Soon, CB-23 was tasked with helping to make important repairs to keep the old ship running. But the feisty First Order droid was not to be so easily disposed of, and the rebellious rolly soon found herself deactivated and floating in a dark corridor while Kaz and his friends tried to repair the malfunctioning artificial gravity.

On a mission to the surface of Varkana to follow a distress call emitting on a coded Resistance frequency, CB-23 proved to be an invaluable member of the team. But the droid was badly damaged while trying to override the system on Ax Tagrin's ship, finally disengaging in a shower of sparks that left the astromech rolling jerkily with her head lolling to one side.

Once in custody, CB-23 continued to resist the probes from the specialized unit of tech stormtroopers tasked with extracting valuable intel from her databases. Despite her compromised condition and being subjected to jolts of ion energy, CB managed to block the First Order scanners and escape.

When Tam sent a message to her friends on the Colossus, hoping to escape the First Order, CB-23 was along on the shuttle. But while the rest of the crew was captured on a Star Destroyer, CB remained free and was able to deactivate the massive ship's shields, allowing a squadron of fighters from the Colossus to deal a damaging blow to the ship.