The First Order

Commander Prye

A cunning tactical operative for the First Order, Commander Pyre worked to convince Captain Doza to relinquish control over the Colossus platform by instigating pirate raids. After Torra Doza was kidnapped by the pirate gang, and the First Order betrayed the alliance to appear as if they had heroically saved the young racer, stormtroopers were permitted to increase patrols on the platform under the guise of heightened security. Working as Captain Phasma's enforcer on the platform, Pyre helped maintain the First Order's stranglehold on its civilians and completed an investigation that led to the attempted arrest of Kazuda Xiono and Jarek Yeager. Although the two escaped capture, Pyre and Agent Tierny were able to arrest Tam Ryvora, leading her onto a First Order ship after convincing her that she'd been betrayed by her friends.