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The First Order

Neeku and Bibo

Neeku always saw the best in everyone, from his new friend Kaz to the strange and smelly sea creature found stowed away on a recovered ship, and approached life on the Colossus with boundless optimism and compassion. Around the platform, he made friends easily, and those connections often came in handy when he was in a tight spot and needed some help. When Kaz couldn’t pay for parts to fix the Fireball, Neeku negotiated with Flix and Orka to make a trade by getting them some lunch. His friendship with the plodding Chelidae on the engineering level provided a means for escape on more than one occasion, including when the orphans Eila and Kel had to avoid First Order capture. Later, after caring for his small and pungent pet, Bibo, Neeku refused to give up the tiny creature to the giant beast that threatened to attack the platform. But once he realized Bibo was actually the offspring of the sea creature, he heroically returned the lost child to its family.

On a mission to refuel the Colossus, Neeku investigated the possibility of becoming a pirate, joining Kragan Gorr and his gang as they scavenged tech and coaxium from what remained of a badly damaged First Order Dreadnought hovering above D’Qar. But the pirate life, it seems, was not for him.

As conditions on the Colossus worsened, it seemed Neeku was among the crew members giving up and preparing to go their separate ways. Neeku gathered his belongings, but instead of finding a transport off the massive ship, Neeku bartered what he had for supplies to engineer a large screen that helped bring the feeling of being home on Castilon back to the denizens of the Colossus, boosting morale with his thoughtful creation.

Although Neeku rarely spoke about himself, while he worked closely with fellow Nikto engineer Nena Nalor, he opened up about the sacrifices his family had made for him to secure a future beyond his homeworld. The son of bantha herders, Neeku's parents sold their most prized calf so he would have the chance to become a great engineer. Trusting and gullible, Neeku's kind nature made him an easy target to unwittingly assist Nena on her malicious scheme to sabotage the Colossus for the First Order. But with Kaz's help, Neeku was able to reverse the damage she had caused, restoring power so the Colossus could escape once more.