• Male,
  • Human,


The First Order

On the Colossus platform, Jace Rucklin was a hot-shot pilot who was willing to risk everything to be the fastest racer on Castilon. With the help of Kazuda Xiono, he slipped into Jarek Yeager's private garage and stole some rare and volatile hyperfuel to ensure a victory. But the hyperfuel only ensured that his ship became a flying bomb, and although Kaz saved his life the incident resulted in a bitter rivalry.

When the First Order came to the Colossus, Rucklin joined their ranks as a cadet. Sharing quarters with Tam Ryvora, Jace's dedication to the cause was unwavering. When he discovered that Kaz had gotten in touch with Tam through a personal comlink, he made it clear that she had to turn the intel over to their commanders or he would turn her in for aiding the enemy.