Kanjiklub Sandwiches

Think this is the best meal in the galaxy? Tell that to Kanjiklub!

Kanjiklub doesn’t fool around, especially when it comes to obtaining what they are owed. If you’re combing the galaxy looking for revenge, you best not do it on an empty stomach.

These tri-stacked sandwiches taste best with fried rathtar, but you know how big and dangerous those are. A quick substitution of fried chicken does just as nicely and is much more easily available, no need to relive the Trillia Massacre.

A bit of bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, and the kicker, a spicy mayo, brings the whole meal together. You’ll be well-fed and ready to take on anyone who might not deliver on their promise.

Kanjiklub Sandwiches

You’ll need:


Kanjiklub image (3-inches tall) https://www.starwars.com/databank/kanjiklub


Spicy Mayo ingredients:

¼ cup mayonnaise

Hot sauce, to taste

Salt and pepper

Sandwich Ingredients:

3 pieces of bread, toasted

1 piece of fried chicken, bones removed

4 slices of bacon

4 slices tomato

4 pieces of lettuce

2 pickle slices


Print out the image of Kanjklub to 3-inches tall. Cut in half and secure onto wooden skewers with tape. Set aside.

In a small bowl stir together the mayonnaise, hot sauce, salt, and pepper.

On one piece of toast spread some of the spicy mayo. Layer the fried chicken, two tomato slices, and two pieces of lettuce.

Spread spicy mayo on a second piece of bread and place onto the first layer. Spread the other side with even more spicy mayo, then layer the bacon, two other tomato slices and the remaining lettuce.

Spread the final piece of toast with the last of the spicy mayo, place on top and secure the whole sandwich with pickles and the Kanjiklub skewers to serve.


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