Dan Zehr

Dan Zehr is co-host of Coffee With Kenobi, a podcast that seeks to examine the Star Wars universe through a critical lens. As a lifelong Star Wars fan, and teacher of English at the high school level, he finds critical thinking in mythology and storytelling fascinating, as it helps us to understand more about our culture and ourselves. Dan has a Master's in Teaching and Learning, and loves film, as well as literature. He is also a member of The Rogues (as Blue Leader), a network of educators from Star Wars in the Classroom. Dan resides in central Illinois with his wife and three boys.

  • First Star Wars Memory
    Going to see Star Wars for the first time at a drive-in theater in 1977.
  • Favorite Film
    The Empire Strikes Back
  • Favorite Character
    Darth Vader
  • Favorite Scene
    Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader stare one another down in the carbon freeze chamber, right before igniting their lightsabers.
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