Jamie Greene posing with Mickey Mouse

Jamie Greene

Jamie is a publishing/book nerd who makes a living by wrangling words together into some sense of coherence. He's also a contributor to GeekDad and runs The Roarbots, where he focuses on awesome geeky stuff that happens to be kid-friendly. On top of that, he cohosts The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, which celebrates geek culture by talking to people who create it. With two little ones and a vast Star Wars collection at home, he’s done the unthinkable: allowed them full access to most of his treasure from the past 30 years, opening and playing with whatever they want (pre-1983 items excluded).

  • First Star Wars Memory
    Standing in Kay-Bee toys, staring at a rack of clearance Kenner action figures, and wondering who the heck Amanaman was.
  • Favorite Film
    The Empire Strikes Back
  • Favorite Character
  • Favorite Scene
    Luke & Vader’s duel in the Emperor’s throne room from Jedi
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