May The 4th Be With You: Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day

May the 4th will be with you, always.

May the 4th is approaching faster than an Ewok on a runaway speeder bike — are you ready? Just in case you’re in need of some inspiration, has compiled a list of fun ways you can celebrate your love of a galaxy far, far away.

  • Have a Star Wars movie marathon with friends and family! Where do you start? The Phantom Menace seems logical, but maybe a mini-marathon of Rogue One and A New Hope would provide just enough Star Wars for an evening. Do you mix in some episodes of Star Wars Rebels? It’s your day, so decide yourself you must.
  • Dressing up for special occasions is important, and May the 4th is no different. Wearing anything from your favorite Star Wars t-shirt to full-on stormtrooper gear is completely acceptable. (It’s okay to dress up your pet, too. Bounty hunter bulldogs or Princess poodles are especially encouraged.)
  • Toast the saga with the ultimate Star Wars-themed beverage: blue milk, just like Aunt Beru used to make! (Fortunately, unlike Aunt Beru, you don’t own the droids the Empire is looking for.)
  • You know that Rebel Alliance symbol tattoo you’ve been thinking about getting? Today’s the day.
  • Sometimes people use holidays to travel to new places. Why not go to Disneyland or Disney World and ride Star Tours?
  • As Yoda said, “Pass on what you have learned.” Introduce a younger sibling, family member, or friend to Star Wars!
  • Do you have any Star Wars toys that you don’t need any more? Donate them and make May the 4th really memorable for children in need.

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