Give This DIY Valentine’s Day Gamorrean Guard Bookmark to Someone Special

This easy craft will loyally protect your valentine's last read page.

Do you have a loved one or steadfast friend who sticks by you no matter what? Then this bookmark valentine is just for them! Gamorrean guards protect the one who sits on the throne in Jabba’s palace with an unflinching loyalty. Show the dependable people in your life that same dedication with this DIY The Book of Boba Fett valentine.

Paper, scissors, glue, and a template are just about all you need to hire a Gamorrean guard to fiercely hold the page in a beloved book.

What You’ll Need

  • Printed Gamorrean template
  • Scissors
  • Green cardstock paper
  • Pencil
  • School glue
  • Brown cardstock paper
  • White cardstock paper
  • Pink colored pencil or crayon
  • Black marker
  • Black cardstock paper
  • Paper hole punch
  • Silver cardstock paper
  • Red cardstock paper

Start Crafting!

The activities in this article should only be done with adult supervision.

Step 1: Cut the shape pieces from the Gamorrean template. Cut out the words on the template and set aside.

Gamorrean guard bookmark pieces cut out

Step 2: Trace the round head shape, half-circle jaw, small rectangle, and big rectangle on the green cardstock paper. Cut out the pieces so that you have two heads and big rectangles, one jaw, and one small rectangle.

Step 3: Glue the small rectangle to the top of one big rectangle to make the “neck” of the guard.

Glueing the Gamorrean guard bookmark head and body together

Step 4: Glue one round head shape to the back of the neck piece.

Step 5: Glue the second big rectangle on top of the first, sandwiching the neck piece in between.

Thin strips of the brown cardstock paper

Step 6: Next, cut two long, thin strips of the brown cardstock paper. Glue them crisscross on the big rectangle and trim the edges. Flip over the bookmark and repeat on the back.

Step 7: Trace and cut out the two brown half circle shapes for the neck collar.

Brown circle folded in half and unfold again

Step 8: Fold one half circle in half and unfold. Fold one corner in so that the top edge meets the center folded line and unfold; repeat on the other corner. Repeat the folds on the second half circle.

Step 9: Glue the half circles to the front and back of the bookmark at the top edges.

Glue all green and brown shapes together

Step 10: Glue the second head shape on top of the one glued to the neck.

Step 11: Trace and cut out two rounded pants shapes from the brown paper. Glue them on both sides of the bookmark just below the crisscrossed strips.

Step 12: Trace and cut out the two hat shapes from the brown paper.

Step 13: Glue the rounded edge hat piece to the front of the Gamorrean’s head. Glue the straight edge hat piece on the back.

Step 14: Next, cut four small triangles about 1 centimeter in length from the white cardstock paper.

Step 15: Glue two white triangles on the top edge of the jaw piece. Glue the other two white triangles just below the hat, in the curved recesses, to make the horns.

Glue the jaw to the bottom of the Gamorrean’s face

Step 16: Glue the jaw to the bottom of the Gamorrean’s face, with the teeth behind the jaw.

Cut out a heart, also about a centimeter in length, and unfold it

Step 17: Fold a small piece of the green cardstock paper in half. Cut out a heart, also about a centimeter in length, and unfold it.

Step 18: Lightly add some pink color to the green heart with the colored pencil. Draw two lines for the nostrils with the black marker.

Glue the nose to the Gamorrean guard

Step 19: Glue the nose with the heart upside-down to the center of the Gamorrean’s face.

Step 20: Use the hole punch to cut out two small circles from the black cardstock paper.

Eyes being added to either side of the nose

Step 21: Glue the eyes on either side of the nose.

Step 22: Trace and cut out the small heart from the template on the silver cardstock paper. Glue it on the front where the two brown strips cross.

Step 23: Let all glue dry. Your Gamorrean guard bookmark is complete! Now let’s make a valentine go with it.

Step 24: Fold the red piece of cardstock in half. Cut out a heart shape.

Step 25: Make two cuts in the middle of the heart, each about 2 inches long and spaced an inch and a half apart.

Gamorrean guard bookmark drying

Step 26: Glue the words you cut out previously (or make your own!) between the two cut lines. Let dry.

Tip: You can add more decorations to the heart to make it personal.

Gamorrean guard bookmark in the heart

Step 27: Slide the bookmark into the heart.

Your valentine is ready to give to the one who can read you like a book (of Boba Fett)!

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