Clone Wars Declassified: 5 Highlights from “The Phantom Apprentice”

Ahsoka faces Maul in the final story arc in the animated series’ final season on Disney+.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is back for its final season on Disney+! In Clone Wars Declassified, looks at each episode’s biggest moments and surprises. Fall in, soldier.

“Soon the galaxy will be remade,” Maul predicts — a chilling premonition of the new order forged from the ashes of war. But his certainty that Anakin Skywalker is the key to everything and must be destroyed rings false for Ahsoka Tano, one of the people who arguably knows Anakin best and still feels some attachment to her former master. In this week’s episode, “The Phantom Apprentice,” the second part in the final arc of the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars available to stream now on Disney+, the story reaches its most desperate hour yet. Here are five highlights from the episode.

Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, Rex, and Bo-Katan

1. Dooku dead.

Although we’ve known from the start that this final arc was lining up with the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, every previous episode of the animated series has taken place between the final film in the prequel trilogy and Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. With Dooku dead by Anakin’s hand, we cross into Episode III territory, bringing us closer to the rise of Darth Vader.

Maul vs. Jesse

2. Maul vs. Jesse in custody.

Maul may be at his most nefarious when he’s using the Force to extract information on Ahsoka Tano from clone trooper Jesse’s mind. “Your mind will speak or it will break,” Maul spits.

Bo-Katan on the hunt

3. Bo-Katan on the hunt.

With Almec shot, whispering “Sky…walker” in an echo of Yoda’s future utterance, Bo-Katan springs into action chasing Gar Saxon down the elevator shaft. Showing off exactly why she’s the rightful ruler of Mandalore, she manages to save herself, using her jetpack to push against the vehicle that threatens to crush her, narrowly surviving when her gadget shorts out, and then prying the doors open to escape. But she never pauses, even for a second, to consider the close call.

Ahsoka’s choice

4. Ahsoka’s choice.

In the throne room, Maul reaches his hand out to Ahsoka, offering a chance to join forces and defeat Darth Sidious and, in this moment, we see just how alike the two are — apprentices cast aside, either willingly or forcibly, now outcasts in a system on the verge of collapse. Lots of Star Wars: The Last Jedi vibes here. Together they have the skills and abilities to potentially bring the Sith Lord to his knees. And surprisingly, unlike when Rey faces Kylo Ren, Ahsoka agrees to help Maul. But the answer she seeks to the question of what Maul wants to do with Anakin soon has her doubling back on the pact. “I know Anakin,” she says. “Your vision is flawed.”

Duel above Mandalore

5. Duel above Mandalore.

The throne room duel is impressive, but the second act of the battle, one of precision and balance performed high above the burning surface of Mandalore, is a thing of beauty. It’s a precarious fight, but Ahsoka is determined. Her will is not defeated, even with both of her lightsabers lost and the strut she’s perched on severed on one side. Because of her perseverance, and a smart move that turns Maul’s double-sided blade against him, the former Sith is eventually captured. Although, he would have preferred to die.

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