This DIY Bad Batch Cup Sleeve Gets the Job Done

Clone Force 99 has a new mission: protect your hands from hot and cold drinks.

The Bad Batch have a 100% success rate, and so will you with this how-to! Inspired by Hunter and the other members of Clone Force 99 — as seen in Star Wars: The Bad Batch, now streaming on Disney+ — this easy-to-make cup sleeve will protect your fingers from hot and cold drinks. Felt, glue, a needle and thread, and a template are just about all you need to succeed on this mission.


The reusable felt sleeve is washable by hand in case you make a bit of a mess — as the Bad Batch are often fond of doing themselves. Let’s get to it, squad!

What You’ll Need

  • Sleeve template
  • Black, red, and gray felt
  • Black, red, and gray thread (optional)
  • Sewing needle (optional)
  • Sewing pins
  • Adhesive Velcro
  • Scissors and/or craft knife
  • Tacky glue

Get Started!

Note: The activities in this how-to should only be done with adult supervision.

The Bad Batch DIY cup sleeve step 1

Step 1: Print the sleeve template and cut out the shapes.

The Bad Batch DIY cup sleeve step 2

Step 2: Pin the large sleeve shape to the black felt. Cut it out.

The Bad Batch DIY cup sleeve step 3

Step 3: Pin the helmet shape to the gray fabric and cut it out.

Step 4: Pin the smaller shapes to the black and red fabric as described on the template. Cut the shapes out.

The Bad Batch DIY cup sleeve step 5

Step 5: Cut a thin strip of the red felt. Cut it into six identical tiny pieces, each a centimeter long.

Step 6: Arrange the small red and black pieces on the gray helmet piece. (You can use this image of Hunter if you need a reference.) Glue each small piece to the helmet with the tacky glue and let dry.

The Bad Batch DIY cup sleeve step 7

Step 7: Glue the helmet to the center of the long black felt piece. Let dry.

The Bad Batch DIY cup sleeve step 8

Step 8: Next, sew the edges of the felt down with the matching thread color. Make your stitches as neat and even as possible.

Note: Sewing the felt is optional, but helps keep the pieces in place, especially when washing the sleeve.

The Bad Batch DIY cup sleeve step 9

Step 9: Grab a cup or mug from the kitchen. Wrap the sleeve around it with the angled (right on template) side underneath the straight (left on template) side. Attach the adhesive Velcro to the bottom inside corner of the straight side.

Step 10: Remove the adhesive backing. Wrap the sleeve around the cup again and press firmly to attach the Velcro to both sides.

The Bad Batch DIY cup sleeve

Your reusable cup sleeve is complete! Slide it on and off your to-go drinks and your coffee runs will always be a success.

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