9 Creatures in the Star Wars Universe We’d Like to Keep as Pets

Great like dogs and cats in every way, except for the bigger litter box.

The rancor living at Jabba’s Palace caused some trouble in Return of the Jedi. He almost made a light afternoon snack out of Luke Skywalker, and goodness knows how many beings he ate while in Jabba’s care. Still, I felt sympathy for Malakili after the rancor’s death. The keeper obviously cared for the creature, and maybe the rancor would have been nicer if it wouldn’t have been stuck taking care of Jabba’s dirty business. Maybe the rancor could have been a loyal friend and pet. Assuming he was tame, I wouldn’t mind keeping him in my backyard.

He wouldn’t be the only creature I’d bring home from the Star Wars universe. The animals populating the worlds in the films and animated series add depth and that “lived in” feeling we all like so much. They run the gamut from helpful, to savage, to cute. If we had endless space and talented wranglers, these are the creatures we’d choose to keep as pets.

A Tusken Raider rides a bantha.

1. Bantha

Who needs cows when banthas are an option? These furry creatures need vast amounts of land to wander, but their size and strength means they’re ideal for long rides through the countryside. However, they seem to be pack animals so you’d have to consider having at least two of them.


 2. Eopie

Eopies are sort of like more manageable versions of banthas. They can carry large amounts of weight, they’re suited for transportation, and they’re slow-moving. They also take up less space than banthas, and bonus: you wouldn’t have to risk angering a Tusken Raider to bring an eopie home.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Boga

 2. Varactyl

Varactyls are beautiful with their mixture of scales and feathers, and they look like they’re more fun to ride than horses. Since they’re so obedient, they’ll listen to your every command. Maybe you could teach them to do tricks. 

Han Solo and Tauntaun

 4. Tauntaun

Live in a snowy climate? Forget driving your car on treacherous roads. Adopt a tauntaun instead. The sturdy creatures are quick and seem docile. You’d have to combat the smell, but it’s nothing regular baths won’t fix — probably.


 5. Loth-Cat

You can embrace your inner crazy cat lady and represent Star Wars by adopting a Loth-cat. Sure, the residents of Lothal have sharp claws and teeth, but they’re also cute and fluffy. Just keep a Force wielder nearby to help keep your Loth-cat calm.


 6. Brezak

Owning a pet is nice. Owning a pet that flies and is capable of carrying passengers is the best. The brezak of Zygerria technically glides rather than flies, but that’s a negligible difference.


 7. Nexu

A nexu wouldn’t be the kind of pet you’d keep on hand for cuddling. It has long claws, an impressive number of sharp teeth, and pointy quills along its back. You’d have to handle it like you would handle a pet hedgehog — a giant one that could hunt you down and eat you. OK, maybe a nexu isn’t the best choice…

Dianoga 8. Dianoga

Keeping a dianoga in a water feature in front of your home would be a wonderful way to ensure kids stay off your lawn. In fact, it would probably be rather effective at keeping everyone off your lawn. It could be a hazard to other small pets though.


 9. Rancor

Since rancors aren’t cruel by nature, you could raise one to be somewhat peaceful. A protective rancor by your side would be able to keep you safer than any guard dog. Just be prepared to keep a mop on hand at all times to manage large quantities of drool.

Head to the comment section and tell me which creature from the galaxy far, far away you’d like to bring home.

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