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The First Order

Synara talking to Kragan Gorr

Synara's time aboard the Colossus was an eye-opening experience for the young pirate who initially worked to assist her old gang as a spy. After a failed pirate raid aboard a freighter carrying Kowakian apes, Synara was discovered unconscious and hiding in a container. Poe Dameron and Kazuda Xiono rescued her, thinking she must had been a passenger who hid to survive the confrontation. Over time, she formed friendships with Tam Ryvora and Kaz, among others, and their acceptance of her led her to question her allegiance to the pirates as well as Kragan Gorr's methods. When Synara helped orchestrate a pirate attack on the Colossus while the Aces were away and the station was defenseless, she was surprised to see Tam return to aid her, risking her own life in the process. Synara helped Valik and Drell sneak into Doza Tower on a secret assignment, with the promise that completing the mission would mean Synara could come home. But when she learned that they planned to kidnap Torra Doza and hold her for ransom, Synara and Kaz moved swiftly to try to rescue their friend. After the incident, the First Order betrayed the pirates and tightened its grasp on the refueling platform, launching an investigation into Torra's abduction in the hopes of capturing the pirate spy. Ultimately, Kaz helped Synara escape from the platform so she could be reunited with her pirate comrades instead of arrested by the First Order. After a failed attempt at hitching a ride aboard a shuttle, the duo enlisted Neeku's help and vast knowledge of the Colossus to find an alternate route, ultimately securing Synara's freedom in an underwater escape pod. Later, Synara repaid their kindness by leading Kragan Gorr's pirate gang to the Colossus to help defend the ship from a First Order attack.

Among the pirates aboard the Colossus, Synara quickly became the voice of reason in the wilds of space. When Kragan Gorr foolishly tried to snare a jakoosk, despite losing several of his smaller ships in the process, it was Synara who suggested a hasty retreat. And after Drell and Snarl stole the Fireball and Torra's Blue Ace, leaving the two pilots stranded on an inhospitable ice moon, Synara forced the pirates to apologize to their new crewmates.

On a mission to the surface of Varkana to follow a distress call emitting on a coded Resistance frequency, Synara proved to be a valuable ally to Kaz and the rest of his team. When their mission was interrupted by the bounty hunter Ax Tagrin, she didn't hesitate to engage him in hand-to-hand combat, even when she took an energy ax to the back.

Unfortunately, Synara, Yeager, and CB-23 were captured during the mission. As a prisoner of the First Order, Synara resisted painful interrogation techniques until help arrived in the form of two stormtroopers -- Kaz and Norath in disguise.