A Super Battle Droid standing with Count Dooku on Geonosis

The Trade Federation’s defeat on Naboo revealed the flaws of regular B1 battle droids, and led the Techno Union to design and introduce the B2 “super” battle droid, a heavy infantry model that could operate independently and was designed solely for combat.

Super Battle Droids

Super battle droids weren’t terribly intelligent, but they didn’t need to be – they were designed to deal out punishment and take the same, advancing on objectives until all opposition had been eliminated.

The First Order

A handful of super battle droids survived the Clone Wars and even beyond the age of the Empire. As the First Order was trying to claim power over the galaxy, the pirate Kragan Gorr purchased a battalion of super battle droids from the mercenary Sidon Ithano. Gorr was planning to use the combat tech in his quest to take over the Colossus, but the old droids were in desperate need of repairs.