A new-model astromech, BB-8 served the Resistance in the years after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, helping pilot Poe Dameron fly his X-wing. Together, Poe and BB-8 kept watch on the First Order.

When the First Order captured Poe on Jakku, BB-8 fled into the planet’s desert wastes, custodian of an important clue to the location of the lost Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. The plucky astromech soon became the target of a determined search by the Resistance, the First Order and the galactic underworld. 

BB-8 rejoined Poe in time for the raid on Starkiller Base, and continued to serve his master as the Resistance evacuated its D’Qar base. After the destruction of Poe’s X-wing, BB-8 joined Finn and Rose Tico on a dangerous mission to Canto Bight.

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