Yoda Vegetable Terrarium

Make a great centerpiece, this will.

Yoda has lived for hundreds of years and seen several lifetimes’ worth of change. Most likely he’s stopped by Maz Kanata’s castle on more than one occasion for a respite so he’s familiar with the terrain of Takodana. If you didn’t think there was this much green in the whole galaxy, it’s time to step up your veggie game.

This vegetable terrarium can be made with any greens you have on hand, but different layers and textures definitely make for an enchanting presentation. Use this as an edible centerpiece for a dinner party or as a keen way to get your youngling to eat their veggies.

Yoda Vegetable Terrarium in Bowl

Yoda Vegetable Terrarium*

you’ll need:
glass bowl
Yoda figure

Suggested ingredients:
Lettuce mix
green onion
English peas

*The activities in this article should only be done with adult supervision.

Yoda Vegetable Terrarium Prep

1. Stand up a halved artichoke* inside the bowl then layer the bottom with lettuce mix. Build up the sides with asparagus and green onion.
2. Add a clean Yoda figure to the center of the bowl, then add broccoli, Romanesco, and peas to add detailing around the figure.
3. Once the bowl is filled out it’s ready to serve.

*Note: If serving to guests rather than just display, cut and clean out the choke of the artichoke before adding to the bowl.

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