The Inspiration Behind Gap Kids’ New Star Wars Clothes


Star Wars-inspired clothing has been around since the original film made its debut in 1977, but Gap Kids’ new line stands apart as original and unique. Created by Junk Food Clothing, the retro-cool collection includes hoodies, fleece pants, socks, watches, and more, with designs celebrating the entire six-film saga.


The secret to the line’s success is owed to Junk Food’s ability to look at Star Wars clothes in a whole new way. According to Heng Leng, associate art director at Junk Food, “Understanding that the demand for Star Wars products can be over-saturated, we approached it from a new-generation point of view. How would a child appreciate this product? We started to understand that a child is like an older version of a Star Wars fan. They wanted to be the character and play out the story. So we created teams, good guys and bad guys. Recycling popular sayings and giving it a more authentic hand-done feel, where it looks like someone might have actually [written] on it. We redrew everything so that it’s not the style guide products that other people are pushing out.” The result is a unique, original take on Star Wars clothes for kids that manages to be fun and fashionable.

Check out the new Gap Kids Star Wars collection, available now online or in stores.