Star Wars x MimoPowerBot: The Backup Batteries You’re Looking For

Backup batteries that even an Imperial probe droid could love are coming soon.

Introducing the Star Wars x MimoPowerBot line of backup batteries for smartphones, tablets, and other 5V USB-powered devices, from Mimoco. A new electronic accessory originally funded on Kickstarter, Star Wars x MimoPowerBot kicks off with a pair of fan-favorite characters: the heroic astromech droid, R2-D2; and the Empire’s fearsome Sith Lord, Darth Vader. Check out previews of each in the gallery below.

Both will be powered with a 5200mAh capacity lithium-ion battery with a 2.1A output, making for fast charging on 5V USB-powered devices of all kinds. The MimoPowerBot can charge a smartphone up to three times on a single charge, and its small size allows for easy portability.

For more info, visit and where Mimoco is currently accepting pre-orders for the new Star Wars x MimoPowerBot line.