5 Highlights from the Star Wars: Squadrons Reveal Trailer

StarWars.com checks out the new trailer for Motive’s high-flying game.

All wings report in. Star Wars: Squadrons, the new space combat game coming October 2, was revealed today, and along with it a killer trailer. The preview is a total love letter to the piloting side of Star Wars, featuring intense dogfights, incredible maneuvers, and a pulse-pounding sense of speed. Put on your flight suits and check out these five highlights.

Star Wars Squadrons X-wing pusuit

1. “I can’t shake him!”

The trailer kicks off with a New Republic (Squadrons is set post-Star Wars: Return of the Jedi) X-wing pilot pursued, in classic Star Wars fashion, by a relentless TIE interceptor. The hunted pilot’s alarms sound, her right engine flares, and she speeds full power into an asteroid field. The TIE pilot is good, but the Imperial craft takes damage while maneuvering between two large masses. On the other side, the New Republic pilot breathes a sigh of relief, and so do we — until the scope of the battle, which is much, much bigger than a one-on-one dogfight, becomes clear.

Star Wars: Squadrons Empire pilots

2. Heroes on both sides.

Next, leaders on both sides of the conflict address their pilots following the battle. The Imperial commander wants vengeance, the New Republic strategist reminds his pilots they fly for hope. Moreover, we see the faces of the opening scene’s X-wing and TIE pilot, making matters all the more personal. It’s a brilliant juxtaposition, and adds a layer of emotional complexity to this short preview, let alone the game.

Hera in Star Wars: Squadrons

3. Hello, Hera!

Pick up your visual scanning — the trailer features some sly cameos and surprises. You can spot Hera Syndulla, fan-favorite pilot from Star Wars Rebels, in the New Republic command center, Rogue One’s U-wings, and even Wedge Antilles offering a nod. Who and what else await us?

Star Wars: Squadrons gameplay

4. Dreams fulfilled.

From New Republic craft speeding into a superstructure to TIEs obliterating docked blockade runners, the action in Squadrons looks to stand with any Star Wars movie or series. But it’s the little details — the way the ships bank, how the squadrons close up formation, how the explosions feel — that make this authentically Star Wars.

Star Wars: Squadrons New Republic pilots

5. “Five pilots. One squadron. The galaxy’s finest.”

Things end with the New Republic and Imperials on a literal collision course. Each five-pilot squadron rises above a sea of clouds, backed by command ships, and they zoom toward each other. The starring New Republic pilot smiles excitedly, her love of flying shining through. The TIE pilot gazes forward, his helmet conveying a drive to win at all costs. It’s a stirring close, and we’re ready to jump in our cockpits.

Watch the trailer below!

Star Wars: Squadrons arrives October 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and is available for pre-order now.

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